reddit automation

  1. SeasonedCode

    A little tip to make sure 100% that you are banned from Reddit

    hello folks it's me again with this tip that I discovered a few days ago simply if you want to post in your profile and you have this "Hmm, that community doesn't exist. Try checking the spelling." then you are banned this if you don't want to check your profile from incognito mode :)
  2. D

    Reddit account automation

    Planning on using an automated reddit bot to promote my blog which has affiliate links. I will spam on different subreddits and DM spam. How many accounts should I buy/how old and how much karma do they need. I want to spend as little as I can as I have a low budget, but I also want to get my...
  3. Kiemash

    Automation for Reddit

    Hello BHW, I want to ask if there is any (Not expensive) Software that can do things like uploading and crossposting with more accounts. Thanks in advance
  4. langtoi

    【☑️ Reddit Automation Software ☑️】 Create Account | Increase Karma | Scrape Subreddit | Crosspost

    Reddit automation software My software is focused on people who are looking to grow their subreddit With the following main features Automatically create a large number of accounts every day Automate comment increase karma Subreddit scraping function for cross-posting Your own subreddit...
  5. Degen

    Is there an interest in a Reddit bot

    Is there an interest in a Reddit bot Functions: - upvote/downvore - subscribe /unsubscribe - follow/unfollow - Post comments - Post threads + Several other functions.
  6. Degen

    ❤️❤️❤️ Reddit automation ❤️ Losing your mind? automate it ❤️ ❤️

    6 amazing scripts that will help you create your own Reddit Empire! Single subreddit check script $ 4.99 With this script you can look up the status of a subreddit. In one glance you will find the activity of the subreddit and its moderators Bulk subreddit check script $ 19.99 If the...
  7. Degen

    How to start up Python scripts on a Linux VPS

    For anyone that is not familiar with coding in general.. Window users like their GUI So we will be starting off with downloading a few programs Winscp: Putty : When you have them both installed open WinSCP It will look like this get...
  8. A

    How do i get into Reddit Automation?

    reddit is one of the most visited site in USA. How do i bot reddit? how do i bring leads to my website/instagram/Twitter?
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