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Jan 5, 2023
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Planning on using an automated reddit bot to promote my blog which has affiliate links. I will spam on different subreddits and DM spam. How many accounts should I buy/how old and how much karma do they need. I want to spend as little as I can as I have a low budget, but I also want to get my moneys worth. Is investing in 1 or 2 high karma/aged accounts or multiple lower karma/aged accounts better. I just need some knowledge on how the banning system is on reddit, because I can't find much doing research.

I also have the option of automatically creating accounts, and kind of warming them up, but I was advised against that.
I'm going to give you the answer no one on here is going to give you: if you're going to rely on buying most of your resources in this game, you're out before you're in. Work on building your own infrastructure or you really don't have a chance. Some might disagree, but that's how I see. Build a good connection with a programmer or work on your programming skills; the former is recommended if you have no mind for programming.

Best of luck
Don't just blindly "spam", Reddit will catch you in the matter of days. You would be slow at first, but for the long term, it's much more cost efficient
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