recover account

  1. Zablo

    A little help regarding my Gmail Account

    Well basically last week i installed a weird plugin or software (i kinda not remember) but my chrome and other browser just sign out me from every website. Well, i didn't mind that cause i was in the way of updating my windows and editing videos. So then i checked my instagram and saw very...
  2. fxmanaged

    Appeal Form - There was a problem with this request!!!

    Our business account was removed Thu (1/27/22). Right away, we received an email that stated, "We removed or disabled access to your account because content you posted doesn't follow the Instagram Terms of Use. Our policies prohibit posting fraudulent or misleading content or content that...
  3. BlackSugarz

    Recover Instagram Account With phone number

    Hello, Is there is a way to recover Instagram account with only the phone number ? as like the account made with phone number only without email
  4. Pardesi

    [Urgent] My Dad's Gmail got Hacked today. How to recover ??

    So, My dad's gmail just got hacked and the hacker changed the recovery phone number. After that we received a mail that a Google Adwords payment was made from his account. Fortunately, the hacker didn't change the recovery mail address and I tried to recover the account but it seems like...
  5. kowaininja

    Looking for someone who can recovery SSH password

    I have a problem with SSH password for my ubuntu server. Please pm me if anyone can recovery the SSH password. PS: It was not short string.
  6. D

    can i recover my disabled instagram account with facebook ads live support?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over a month ago for violating TOS. I heard that you can contact facebook with ads live support chat and they can unban your account (if you get lucky) but you need to spend $100 on ads to access it. Do you guys know if that's true?
  7. Justinbullard

    My Gmail Password is Lost, Suggest Me Best Password recovery Tool

    Suggest Me Top 5 Password recovery tool. I'm try Password Armor Toll , this is best tool for recover Password, but i want more if available in Market
  8. imzeus

    Guide - How to recover a banned/disabled IG account

    I see a lot of people here having trouble recovering banned/disabled accounts so here's a list of useful links you guys can use. Hopefully this helps some of you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram // Reporting a violation or infringement of your rights...
  9. jamesalbana

    I have 2 youtube accounts, but missed

    I remember youtube username but not password, even I dont know the recovery emails or fone numbers. Plz help me, how to recover my 3-6 old accounts now. I have almost 250 videos in both channels. :(

    Recovering a Facebook account from an expired domain/business

    heya! was wondering if any of you knew how to recover a facebook account from an expired account that used to be from a business. is there even a point in contacting facebook about this...? most likely they would ask for some kind of formal document that i own the company... thanks in advance.
  11. Z

    Facebook (?)

    Greetings, I suppose everyone remembers the old facebook recovery page. I've lost my facebook account and I was trying to recover my facebook account by using the government-issued ID or driving license. I've tried searching for the link that would allow me to contact Facebook but I couldn't...
  12. O

    Can any BHW mods help me recover old BHW account ?

    I wasn't sure where I should post this or who exactly I should try to PM about this, I already sent a few emails to BHW support stuff haven't heard back yet so I thought I should ask here. If there are any BHW mods who might be able to help me with this send me a PM to talk further!