recover account

  1. BlackSugarz

    Recover Instagram Account With phone number

    Hello, Is there is a way to recover Instagram account with only the phone number ? as like the account made with phone number only without email
  2. Pardesi

    [Urgent] My Dad's Gmail got Hacked today. How to recover ??

    So, My dad's gmail just got hacked and the hacker changed the recovery phone number. After that we received a mail that a Google Adwords payment was made from his account. Fortunately, the hacker didn't change the recovery mail address and I tried to recover the account but it seems like...
  3. kowaininja

    Looking for someone who can recovery SSH password

    I have a problem with SSH password for my ubuntu server. Please pm me if anyone can recovery the SSH password. PS: It was not short string.
  4. D

    can i recover my disabled instagram account with facebook ads live support?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over a month ago for violating TOS. I heard that you can contact facebook with ads live support chat and they can unban your account (if you get lucky) but you need to spend $100 on ads to access it. Do you guys know if that's true?
  5. Justinbullard

    My Gmail Password is Lost, Suggest Me Best Password recovery Tool

    Suggest Me Top 5 Password recovery tool. I'm try Password Armor Toll , this is best tool for recover Password, but i want more if available in Market
  6. imzeus

    Guide - How to recover a banned/disabled IG account

    I see a lot of people here having trouble recovering banned/disabled accounts so here's a list of useful links you guys can use. Hopefully this helps some of you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram // Reporting a violation or infringement of your rights...
  7. jamesalbana

    I have 2 youtube accounts, but missed

    I remember youtube username but not password, even I dont know the recovery emails or fone numbers. Plz help me, how to recover my 3-6 old accounts now. I have almost 250 videos in both channels. :(

    Recovering a Facebook account from an expired domain/business

    heya! was wondering if any of you knew how to recover a facebook account from an expired account that used to be from a business. is there even a point in contacting facebook about this...? most likely they would ask for some kind of formal document that i own the company... thanks in advance.
  9. Z

    Facebook (?)

    Greetings, I suppose everyone remembers the old facebook recovery page. I've lost my facebook account and I was trying to recover my facebook account by using the government-issued ID or driving license. I've tried searching for the link that would allow me to contact Facebook but I couldn't...
  10. O

    Can any BHW mods help me recover old BHW account ?

    I wasn't sure where I should post this or who exactly I should try to PM about this, I already sent a few emails to BHW support stuff haven't heard back yet so I thought I should ask here. If there are any BHW mods who might be able to help me with this send me a PM to talk further!