1. M

    How many reciprocal links to the same page is too many?

    Hi, A website in my niche suggested a link echange. I want to have them link to one of my pages, but that page already has a reciprocal backlink from another website. If I get 2 backlinks pointing to the same page and both come from reciprocal link exchanges, is that a red flag for Google...
  2. Reeshua

    Any body interested in link swaps? TF 10-20 Sites

    So basically I work for a travel-related business in Australia and they have a portfolio of over 2,000 sites. I checked the metrics for all and found 325 websites to have TF ranging from 10 to 20. These are legitimate websites. Anybody interested in link swaps? I'd love to get...
  3. FutureProofSeo

    Nofollow Reciprocal Links

    Hi all, I've been hearing that reciprocal links basically cancel each other out, aka do not pass any value, however what happens if you nofollow the link back to their website? Does the search spider reach your end and not count the link back, therefore giving you value for that inbound link...
  4. S

    ReciSearch Free - website source checker

    Here is a freeware program: Site Source Checker (called ReciSearch). It checks source of any links/pages. It can be used as a reciprocal back link checker, or check any phrase on the target links. (There are some programs somehow similar to it, for example " link checker", but those...
  5. WrightWilliams

    I know reciprocal links are old school/simple, but who wants to trade reciprocals with me?

    I have a few sites I work for and I am putting Resources pages on them. The main site I will be putting them on is pretty mainstream/not-Adult Content at all. Who wants to trade some links?
  6. P

    Frontpage banner rotator for reciprocal link

    Hello, I have the idea to put a rotation banner in my frontpage in order to have in there 3-4 sites for reciprocal links. The idea is not to have such many links in my site frontpage, but all of them in a rotation banner. Do you think this, is a correct way to put reciprocal links in frontpages...
  7. P

    Nofollow attribute on one way of reciprocal backlinks help SEO?

    I'm a web designer with about 50 clients. All of my clients' sites link to me with my chosen anchor text. My question is, On my company website I want to link to the sites I designed but I worry if I give a reciprocal link to my clients' websites then I will lose some SEO juice with Google...
  8. C

    reciprocal links and robot.txt

    Hi, I've been thinking about doing some reciprocal links and then putting on my robot's file to "nofollow" and "noindex" the page where I am supposed to be giving links. That way it will look as they are 1-way links instead of reciprocal links. Could I get penalized for this? Or there...
  9. G

    Reciprocal Link Vs Back Link?

    Hi All Noobie here first post. I've had an ecommerce website for a few years selling merchandise that through feckin hard work I managed to get either top of google or in the top 5 results for most of my keywords and it's not doing too badly so far. I did this completley by reading through...
  10. bannedfree

    Manual Reciprocal Linking for Newbies

    Step 1: Find a very relevant site to your site with a minimum home page PR of 3. That has a contact form / email and has a link page on its website. Step 2: Make sure the link page is not 3 click deep to your link from the home page. Step 3: Check if the link going to your link on their site...
  11. S

    Reciprocal invites of friends to group or fan page.

    I am new to facebook advertising... don't have much to offer yet... but hey every little helps.. i am willing to send invites as many as i have for the same amount you send back:) Hi there i have an account with 5K friends and another 10 account with (300-500 friends) If you wan to do...
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