1. N

    Websites to read comics online (free of charge)

    Here's a link to check and enjoy comics during this quarantine. Enjoy!
  2. K

    Need book What you seek is seeking you

    Does any one here have book what you seek is seeking you pdf, I just checked almost everywhere on internet but couldn't find the book. if anyone have the book kindly share.
  3. ShiningWarrior

    Any alternate way of Audible Books?

    Hi, I wanted to read some entrepreneurial books to get a better view of how successful peoples looks at LIVES. And amazon audible books are costly. Any free way to get the same books in audible form to listen via mobile or desktop? How do you all read books to clear your mind and to get a...
  4. C

    Where do you look first in a blog ?

    Hi all, So where do you look in a blog on first, like there at the top banners (blackhatworld logo and opposite publicity) or directly in a message little text and big banners ? Thanks, have a nice day. Cris.
  5. YoutubeMarketing

    Please criticize my article.

    I would like to know what I could do to improve my article writing. I am planning to sell my services. Article writing is something I would like to do in any of my spare time for extra money. I currently do not have a job and I am not writing articles for anyone. If...
  6. S

    automating read more placement

    I would like to know how to automate wp so that articles that has more then 300 words would have read more... link to full article. function custom_excerpt_length($length) { return 300; // Change this word count to whatever you want. } add_filter('excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length'...
  7. I

    [AsK] How To Make Read More.. on Autoblogs ..?

    Anyone know How To Make Read More.. on Autoblogs..? cause when wprobot scraping content and put it on your blog it will show full content and not a half of the content i want make it a half / some words.. Thanks
  8. H

    I am back from the dead

    For those who noticed me gone, well done, i have been away cause basically i couldnt even concentrate on the computer, nor look at a screen, i had/have glandular fever/similar illness/sickness, and have been taking a little time off. But now that im back lets SUPER boost our forum back to the...
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