1. B

    [NEED] Unverified Amazon Product Rating in Bulk (US Marketplace)

    I need unverified Amazon ratings in bulk for US Marketplace. I have several products I need this for. I can provide text for the unverified ratings.
  2. smm_for_you


    FAQ : How to place order ? Contact via PM or skype.or directly site. Refund policy. We will provide an instant refund if we are unable to complete the order. What is your Estimated Delivery time? Maximum 24 hrs to 48 hrs depends on orders. What payment methods do you accept ? We accept all...
  3. H

    Looking for amazon reviewer please ping me with email

    Looking for amazon reviewer please ping me with email
  4. H

    Need amazon.in reviews

    we are looking amazon.in verified reviews need in bulk services, please PM, share email ids
  5. H0BB5

    Earn $1000’s per month in PASSIVE INCOME for just 1-2 hours of work

  6. K

    Looking for podcast reviews, ratings and subscribers

    I've got a podcast on iTunes that I would like to boost to the top of my category, if possible. I'm looking for a mix of Subscribes Ratings Reviews Also willing to pay for advice. Please message me with experience and pricing. Thanks!
  7. S

    MERCADO LIVRE (eBay Brazil) Rating Exchange

    Hi, there. I am looking for Mercado Livre's sellers who want to increase their SELLER RATINGS at the website. A low/null reputation is hard for business, as nobody buys from you because nobody knows you. If you are interested, I am gonna create an WhatsApp group so we can buy fake products...
  8. L

    Chrome store reviews + ratings

    Hi! I'm looking for a Chrome store ratings + reviews provider. Someone? Thanks in advance!
  9. T

    Looking for mywot.com users with gold, silver or platinum accounts

    I would pay for ratings through PayPal. Silver 5$, Gold 10$ and Platinum 15$. If you have any of the accounts listed - DM me I will send you the link of the website that needs to be rated. PS. I am new here so I am not yet sure about direct messages. Either way if you have the above mentioned...
  10. MusicMedia88

    Google Reviews for a small local business

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can leave five reviews on a Google page for a small business. I will provide you with what to write, just a sentence or two. I need one review a week for 5 weeks. I will Paypal $2 per review paid weekly ($10 total). Reviews must stick (obviously). If all goes...
  11. G

    App reviews exchange

    Hello , I'm looking to get more installs and reviews on my Android app. App Name: Colorize - Coloring Book Free If you have apps at store, please rate mine and I will do 5* for you. :)
  12. Puodukas

    Looking for Android Reviews and Ratings

    Hi, I'm looking who can deliver reviews and ratings for my android games and apps.
  13. pradep89

    Is there any one can provide android app ratings?

    Is there any one can provide android app ratings? I needed for app urgent let me know your price.
  14. M

    Mogul is now offering For The First Time EVER on BHW … Keyword Ranking For Apps

    Where is My App? Is this what you ask yourself? We all know buying downloads/reviews/ratings and doing ASO can help. But ever wanted to Kick Google (and soon Apple) A$$ In ASO just like we love to do with SEO. Well I got the solution for you. For Only $199 a month I will increase your...
  15. torikul

    Exchange iOS app rating and reviews here

    If you would like to promote your iOS app then you can rate my app and as a favor I will review back on your app. I also have another community to arrange more rating and reviews. If you want i can arrange more for your app. My app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1082166585
  16. A

    Needed 1000+ Android Reviews - Ratings - Installs

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I've been searching a lot and it seems there are a lot of posts offering services for android reviews, ratings and installs. We are actually looking to buy 1000+ android ratings, reviews and installs. Primarily, we are interested in the ratings and...
  17. S

    App rating exchange app

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about making an app that allows you to trade app installs and ratings. It would give you 1 point for each day you kept an app installed and 4/5 points for leaving 4/5 star rating. You could then add your own apps to the listing and lose points for having others...
  18. R

    How to get a REVIEW box on my site?

    Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I am looking for a FREE way to get a "review and comment" box on my website. I am using weebly right now until I can afford my own domain/hosting. The only one I can find is polldaddy which is not free for one and two, it doesn`t have...
  19. S

    [FREE] Providing 30 Free android app Ratings for any free Android app

    Hi there BHW Guyz I am giving 30 Android app rating to Free android app . Please post your app links Or send me the PM of your app link . I can also provide android app installs at Good Price. Offer is only for 24 hours Hurry up. Don't forget to give a THANKS
  20. H

    Appstore rating

    Does anyone here do App Store ratings, I checked fiverr but couldn't find what i needed.
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