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  1. Zahid009

    Everyone cast their vote For Ahreaf SEO Tool & Samrush SEO Tool.

    There are many SEO tools in the market. I would like to see a competition between AHEFR SEO TOOL & SAMRUSH SEO TOOL. Please tell me which of them is a good tool to check the site.
  2. D

    How to promote a YouTube Downloader WebApp ?

    Hello, guys! I am waiting for suggestions from you since I know a lot about web development, scaling web apps, but so little about online marketing. What are the best methods to promote a web application like this? I've done SEO optimisation, posted the link in some relevant reddit threads...
  3. F

    Do i need to have images in blog posts to rank

    Hi All, as the title says do i need to have pictures in my blog posts in order for it to rank or is just text fine for ranking? Thank you Abz
  4. B

    Website Ranking Drop

    My site's ranking is going down like a piece of stone within few days but some days ago It was growing like a hybrid tree. Is there any update or anything going on ? Did you notice anything Guys ? 24th & 25th sep I think google did something big . What's your opinion on this thread ?
  5. cubitly

    My Site Ranking On Second Page For My Main KW

    Hello guys my expired domain is ranking on second page for main keyword, Please guide me what should I do now how to build links, and what kind of links should I make where Should I start please help me out. Should I start with social signals? If yes then where to buy them? Thanks!
  6. predator1988@

    SEO help for pages?

    Hello I have 1-year-old website with 10K pages. Around 300 referring domains all contextual, good diversity etc. I am in the top 10 for the main keywords but my pages are not ranking very well. They stuck from 20-40 positions. Any advice?
  7. Louis Timothy Dioso

    How to escape page 2 on Google search results?

    Hello guys before I start asking some stupid questions, I just want to thank you all here who gave me ideas and motivation to start a site. I have been into creating websites 2 years ago. I created 3 websites (2CPA site, Affiliate site) and it was all failed but I have learn many lessons through...
  8. Gr00t007

    Website Hacked and SEO Spammed | Ranking Down

    Recently my website got hacked and was spammed (people call it Japanese SEO spam). There were multiple Japanese pages created with ecommerce links ony website and all got indexed on Google! My ranking for some competing keywords went straight from top 5 to 30. I have cleaned my website...
  9. H

    [Need advice] does my Seo rank will change ?

    Hi I'm currently working on developing a store using WooCommerce for a client and this client already using his website but was developed with a company and they also used wordpress but they share with the clients different platform so the client don't have access to the actual wordpress panel...
  10. V

    Continuous fluctuation in ranking

    Hello Everyone, My concern is related to ranking of some keyword is continuously fluctuating.....even I'm not able to understand why its happening....like sometime it completely disappear from SERP and sometime it suddenly rank in top 20. Let me explain it in detail....I'm working on a project...
  11. creatorsaurabh001

    Need help for website SEO of same content but 2 websites

    Hi, I have one .com domain and one .in domain The content, images and contact information is almost same. Will that create issue for ranking my site in future? Can anyone guide me with it? My site URLs are https://studioiq.in https://iqanimations.com
  12. Shropdog

    How to keep your rankings once you have them?

    So ive worked hard on our money site to the point when i now launch a new product or blog it starts to rank well for lots of terms, both main target keywords and other long tails that google finds relevant. Lots of times im getting second page straight away, and even 5 or so keywords straight...
  13. thealbela

    Vector Space Model - Beating Authority Sites Like Forbes NDTV CBN?

    As the title says, I am not very much familiar to this part but would really love to know more about this. I Got this thing from Facebook, claiming they can outrank such authority sites with Vector Space Model. Want to hear from Blackhatworld now.
  14. G

    Tactics to rank ccTLDs in SERPs

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a university website with .co.uk/canada domain and am aiming to get it ranked in the .ca SERP. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what steps should I take to make sure my .co.uk/canada website starts ranking in the Canadian SERP. I am trying to get backlinks from...
  15. Brilliant Digital Services

    GSA SER Links Blast Starting $5 for 10K+ Links | Contextual links | Best for Tier 2

    GSA SER Links Blast for people looking to get black hat backlinks. These links will be from many platforms available on GSA. You can use these links for tier 2 or even as tier 1 for spam niches. Service Highlights Verified Backlinks Will be Provided In reports Report will include 80% links...
  16. godknowseverything

    What do you do when you're site is stuck on page-2?

    What I've tried so far? 1. Social signals 2. Interlinking 3. Adding more content for relevancy 4. Rewriting the content 5. More PBNs with closely matched anchors 6. Playing with on-page SEO. Nothing has helped me. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  17. lookylooky

    Can I target 2 countries with 1 site?

    I have a .com eCommerce site that is targeting the US by setting my Google Console to US. I would like to also target Canada at the same time. Is there a way to do this without loosing any rankings I've built for the US? I don't know if it helps but I do own the .ca domain as well and have just...
  18. T

    Does Blackhat techniques maintains long term ranking?

    Can anybody tell me, is blackhat SEO technique is for long term or short term rankings?
  19. R

    Ranking site

    I have an Amazon affiliate site that's over 1 year old and I'm wondering if I should keep working on it or just cut my losses. I put a lot of work into it initially including some basic linkbulding but pretty much gave up on the site after about 6 months when I wasn't seeing any results. Even...
  20. H

    why my urls are not ranking too fast ?

    recently i opened a new http website about women nishe. google ranking is too slow also UR and DR are very down even the powerfuls backlinks i make for url I have a good articles focused on targeted keywords but url stille disappear from google search after 24 hours of claiming fetsh as google...