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  1. davids355

    Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction Back when I wrote the last guide (Building and ranking sites in 2017 - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/seo-guide-for-2017-building-and-ranking-sites.959735/) SEO was hard. Well, it certainly hasn't got any easier today and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online...
  2. Misan

    3M to 1.2B in just a 5month WTF

    have a look to this site https://www.worldometers.info it's huge:eek::eek::eek:
  3. Deepesh Sharma

    Website Disappeared from SERP After Google May Update

    Greetings everyone. I'm facing an issue related to a keyword for a couple of weeks. All this happened during the Google May Update. I was ranking for a keyword for 1 good year. You can say that I dominated the keyword because I was ranking for all the related keywords as well. (1000s of...
  4. sangolulu

    How to Rank 1ST ??

    Hey guys. I have a fews things i didnt understand in SEO. ( i'm like 5 months in now.) I wrote a blog post, better quality and more content than people on the 1st page, but this is staying at rank 14 since 1 month, this dont goes up. Should i try to write more content better quality, or...
  5. Misan

    Image and Quotes website rank boost like rocket

    Hello everyone, I have a quote and images website i started website 2month ago. Am getting good impression but not clicks. My bounce rate also bit high what i can do for better rank and get clicks???? any easy backlink building tricks????? Detail idea and any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  6. Zooha

    The best way to rank a single blog post

    Hi guys, So I have a question for you. I managed to rank some service pages quite well, but what is a way to rank with blog posts that I wrote with unique content and average 6k+ words? These keywords have a very low KD level (checked with Ahrefs) and about 1000+ volume. My site's SEO...
  7. Misan

    Image website ranking tricks

    could anyone help me to rank image(quotes) website step by step ??? I will be grateful:(

    Ranking a livestream to #1

    So im trying to rank a livestream on youtube regarding coronavirus anyone have tips or such to rank the livestream to #1 or just high. Currently its number #32 when searching "coronavirus" and adding live filter. Really would enjoy some tips.
  9. Power Booster

    Get A Link From The Existing Old Posts - Contextual Content Links - 50%OFF - Powered By PowerBooster

    Some Frequently Asked Questions Q. Do these links really have the real power? A. Yes, these links have real power and can help you in getting the rankings Q. Which niche do you accept? A. We don’t accept adult, casino, gambling niches. Else all the niches will be acceptable Q. What will be...
  10. aylwardgame

    What is the best hidden technique to keywords rank on Google ?

    Can you let me plz what is the best hidden technique to keywords rank on Google or others search engine ? plz answer if you already used it.
  11. Epicster

    Overnight Rankings Drop?

    Hello, So i've got my site which was ranking heavily on pos 1 for may keywords when all of a sudden half of the keywords vanished from pos 1 to no where. Its been like 2 weeks now since the drop, the keywords which lost rankings haven't yet showed up again in top 100. On the other hand other...
  12. blackshadowseo

    Rank drop

    Hi guys my site has suddenly dropped in google ranking.I can also find a few other sites which have dropped suddenly. Did anybody experienced the same? Can someone tell me what will be the reason.Not only my site multiple sites are dropping for multiple keywords.Can somebody share some info..
  13. W

    How i can get ranking in 24 Hours

    Hi Guys i am new in this field. I have exact domain name Keyword. How i can get ranking on keywords with in 24 hours. Please help me. I dont mind if domain will be banned in Google. But i want to rank domain name keyword in 24 hours. Thanks in advance
  14. manolo12399

    competitor multiple ranking 1-2-3

    There is one competitor of mine that rank pretty well, usally 1-2-3 for many keyword, 1st spot for the domain.com/category/title-post 2nd spot domain.com/category 3rd spot m.domain.com/category (the mobile version of the site) this is for more long tails keywords for major keywords, we are...
  15. A

    Help = Exact Search ranking #1 / broad search not showing up in Serps

    Hi all, Need your help once again. So I am ranking number one for all my keywords when i do an exact search. ie: "here is my keyword example", but when I do a broad search. ie: here is my keyword example, my site won't show up Its a new domain and with no backlinks ... Any advice??
  16. G

    How Long Does It Take For A Site To Reach Authority Status?

    Let's say you have a site with a domain that is semi-match and has your main keyword in it followed by something like a suffix or additional word (using a easily brandable domain). The site gets updated regularly with 100% unique content and uses only white-hat seo to prevent getting penalized...
  17. willdunas

    Ranking .me domain

    I found a niche with low competition and a very short exact match .me domain. Will it be easy to rank the .me domain or should I buy a long .com domain for this niche???
  18. michaelshezzer

    Tough Comp! Need Some SEO Guru Advice

    Hey guys I have found a .CO EMD that I have just found and the keyword has an Exact Search of 22000. Also to note no other EMDs are ranking and have been bought by some Company which hogs domains. So this is the only TLD EMD going. This is the competition from Market Samurai. What do you...
  19. michaelshezzer

    For Noobs Who Want To Rank Their Site!!

    I came across some really cool youtube clips done by a local from my neck of the woods in the UK I thought I would share them here with you guys because I know these videos would bring a bit of added value to this forum. I also thought it might refresh your noggins on SEO tactics and help you...
  20. takeachance

    Judging Competition Levels Post Panda

    So, what are your main attributes you now look at post penguin update with a new EMD domain? For me I have been concentrating upon the top 3-5 positions looking at amount of site links and if over 2k I have been leaving it (i.e. not competing with authority sites). Completed a few tests of this...