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  1. Ncp889

    C# Rank Checker like Moz

    I'm just wondering if anyone has made a rank checker similar to on moz pro. If so, what API did you use, programming language (although, I'd prefer to use c# for this task) and did you find any free/low cost API that can look up about 50 kw per day?
  2. ProRankTracker

    [From the creators of ProRankTracker] Rankitor.com: Simple&Powerful SERP Rank Monitor. Starting $5/m

  3. Dankmemez

    Scrapebox Rank Tracker - Worth it?

    As you may know, there are many different types of rank trackers ranging from SerpBook, SerpLab, and other keyword checkers. SB-R-T is a one-off payment compared to others which have a monthly fee. I was wondering if anyone uses Scrapbox Rank Tracker on a consistent basis? If you have what's...
  4. N

    Keyword Ranking Tool - Beta

    Hi I don't know if this is the right category to post but here it goes I am working on a desktop keyword rank checker/tracking tool. It is a PHP based app that you can run on your machine (windows/linux or mac) and so far I have got few screens done 1. Multiple URLs or sites can be monitored...
  5. Link Player

    Keyword Rank Checker - Agency Analytics

    Hi Guys, I'm using agency analytics tool for check the ranking positions for my keywords. But this tool updates the rankings after one day. Can anyone knows some better tool which updates the rankings after few hours or I can manually refresh the ranking within a day or multiple times in a...
  6. marcuses

    RealTime Serp Tracker Tool

    Please can someone suggest me tools I can use to check my current google ranks for each keywords easily, web tools preferable Thanks
  7. D

    Rank Checker API : More competitive pricing

    Hello I search a Rank Checker API (Google, top100). What is the more competitive pricing for a Rank Checker API ? Thank you
  8. wealthcracker

    SERP Checker 2016

    I have tried serpbook as a trial version but i didnt like it coz not so accurate. I want to check keyword rank in google and bing both locally and worldwide. Can anyone suggest a good rank checker in 2016 which can check both local and worldwide ranking with accuracy ?
  9. seimun

    New app for video rank tracking and social analytics

    Hi, I've been working on this app for some time now and decided to release it a few days ago. Viorise is focused on keeping track of keyword rankings on YouTube and Google, and collecting social metrics for YouTube videos. It is free to use for up to 10 videos and 20 keywords. All tracked data...
  10. deepblack

    Rank Checker For Hidden Keywords?

    Hi there, I was in search for a free app which shows us for which keywords a website is already ranking. I know that GWT is showing us this but only if the website is yours. I need this in order to see for which keywords a website is already ranking in the top 50 so that doing seo for that...
  11. phuningenji

    [BETA TESTERS] Upcoming Simple & Efficient Rank Tracker

    Beta Test Our Rank Tracker I'm looking for reliable users to beta test the new rank tracker that I've been working on. This rank tracker is intended to be very efficient, user friendly, and budget friendly. If you're interested, post in this thread. What Does It Do Our tool can track your...
  12. Panther28

    The best rank tracker hands down! - & How customer service should be done.

    Been using serplab.co.uk for a while now for rank checkings, and a feature that they have is note adding. So you can basically add a note in to your rank graph that shows on that date "posted guest post on blog..." for example. I've been using it to see what sort of serps actions happen after...
  13. J

    Ranktracker proxies

    Hi All, I am using link ranktracker to find rankings, but having problems with the proxies as the quickly go dead. ( I have done human emulation. I need to track more than 300 KW) I subscribe to private proxies that work well with scrapebox. Do I need a software that can grab more proxies...
  14. pierz

    Rank checker free and open source

    Hi, Let me introduce serposcope, a free and open source rank checker. You can install this software on your local machine, on a dedicated server (best) or a shared hosting. This rank checker can check your position on Google and support local search for doing search from a specific...
  15. ArmineZ

    What is the best rank checker program?

    I need a program that will check my rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keywords I enter. It would be nice if the program was free :)
  16. W

    I want to know about the best page rank checker

    Hi I want to know about the bulk page rank checker . I have multiple sites so I want to check the page rank of ali together.kindly guide me.
  17. W

    [Question] Rank checker for visitors to my SEO website

    Hi Guys, I would like to add a rank checker for visitors to my SEO website. In short, people come to my site, enter their URL and keywords and check the current ranking in Google. Is there such service? Do you have any recommendation that we can implement this in my website? Any help will be...
  18. M

    Michael from myposeo, the leading french rank checker

    Hey BHW, I'm Michael, 25 years old, I'm SEM manager at g4interactive, a french startup that built a professional rank checker named myposeo and we're also working hard to release a google France competitive analysis tool, both on SEA & SEO channels : SEMvisu, currently in beta. myposeo is a...
  19. GangsterProfit

    How I fired my SEO Outsourcers and saw MASSIVE ranking improvements?

    Get ready to fire your outsourcers and cancel your other SEO subscriptions. Oh, and stop worrying about the next Google Slap... This is the ultimate solution to what's recently happened with the major blog networks being de-indexed. It's the smartest link building software in the world...
  20. S

    Ranking Checker with API?

    Hy guyz I really need Rank Checker that has an API, but i couldn't find it. I need it to show the rankings in my own custom application. Do you have any idea where can i find some servis who offers API for rank checker? Or does someone know some good python or php script which works...