Michael from myposeo, the leading french rank checker

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    Hey BHW,

    I'm Michael, 25 years old, I'm SEM manager at g4interactive, a french startup that built a professional rank checker named myposeo and we're also working hard to release a google France competitive analysis tool, both on SEA & SEO channels : SEMvisu, currently in beta.

    myposeo is a rank checker on Google (for more than 40 local TLDs) that allow you to daily measure your search performance on organic, universal search (Maps, News, Images, Videos) and Adwords. We released it in english two months ago.

    I also sometimes blog on the team blog, I'll try to post more in english in the future.

    While we're leaders on our domestic market, we're still young at the international so feel free to try our service and give us some feedback. We also greatly appreciate (and reward) any public review.
    If you have any question, I'll be happy to answer!

    Bye and as always, good luck in your SEO