push notifications

  1. ziko12345

    Anyone knows any network for adult in-page push ads for publishers?

  2. praveencqr

    ✌️✌️ CqrPush.com - 25% Bonus For Advertisers, $0.003 Minimum CPC, Push Traffic Ad Network ✌️✌️

    Hi, Greetings from CqrPush! CqrPush is a push notifications advertising network. We are looking for advertisers & publishers for our push traffic ad network. Currently, we work on CPC basis for advertisers. Minimum CPC $0.003. Our publishers will get paid on both CPC & CPA basis. You will get...
  3. Sam Zadworny

    I made $108,931.19 last year with push notifications ads. Ask me anything.

    Hi guys, I’ve been doing really well with push notifications ads, and I thought I can contribute to the BHW community. I’ll try to answer whatever questions you may have regarding the push notifications ads. I’m super busy for the next couple of weeks but will try to keep up to date with this...
  4. Sam Zadworny

    Introduction, my short bio and SUCCESS STORY

    First, I must say it's great to join this amazing community! Now, let me introduce myself. MY SHORT BIO I was a leading developer working on international navigation software dedicated for commercial ships. These skills allowed me to create a WordPress plugin called The Generation Plugin, that...
  5. praveencqr

    Would chrome block push notifications?

    I read news about chrome update in a blog. It is mentioned that chrome is in a plan of blocking push notifications widget automatically under certain conditions in upcoming version 80 . If it happens, we know how bad it would affect advertisers and networks. What do you think about it?
  6. TerraLeads

    DaoPush.com - top CPM on push notifications!

    DaoPush.com - is a high-tech advertising platform for monetizing and selling traffic via push notifications. We proud to present you our platform DaoPush.com for monetizing push notifications from creators of TerraLeads, ApiLead, InstallMonster, ZipMonster and many other projects, thousands of...

    Which is best OneSignal or Pushmaze?

    Hi all, I recently found these two tools for push notifications. My scenario is I have decent amount of traffic, and for that I need to pay for OneSignal recurring fees on the basis of the number of subscribers I have. whereas pushmaze claims to provide an unlimited number of notifications once...
  8. J

    Push Monetization

    Hello. I own few domains where I collect users for push notification. I have access to over 1M users through push. However I cannot monetize them well. I tried a couple of push networks and they are paying CPC of $0.003 and CTRs are horrible and this sounds too low to me when each push reaches...
  9. Arc717

    I need help setting up mobile push notifications

    I run a service that revolves around sending 5-10 mobile notifications a day to peoples' phones. Right now I use Twilio to deliver these mobile notifications as SMS messages. It's costing me $0.0075/SMS to $0.015/SMS for longer messages. This was fine at first, but as I grew my service, so did...

    Best Push Traffic Platforms?

    Hi all, I want to try some push traffic for some affiliate offers. Please suggest me best players and trusted traffic sources in push traffic providers. Also I heard of pushmaze, many are saying to build my own server am very confused please suggest some solution.
  11. autodream

    redirect page after user click allow or block push notification

    i want to know how to redirect page after user click allow or block push notification thank you in advance
  12. intenso09

    Income with push notification?

    Hey guys, what would you say is possible to make daily with, let's say daily 10k unique visitors on a site? A few years back popads tried to introduce me their push notifications but I didn't like that they basically controll all subscribers and could cut me off any time. It this still the case...
  13. Dark. banana

    Push Notifications self hosted

    hi all i'm thinking of trying Push Notifications with my , however all the prices i see on the Push Notifications service provider are limited to the number of Subscribers i have and the higher the number of Subscribers the higher is the price ((( i was wondering can i create same self system...
  14. Z

    Is is possible to buy/sell push notification lists?

    The idea crossed my mind. I know in PushCrew and some others you have the ability to import/export lists. Now, it's blackhat for sure, but I'm wondering the possibilities of let's say seller builds a push notifications list of 5,000 people in health niche ex, then sells that list of subscribers...
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