pure spam

  1. A

    How to remove manual action in search console?

    Hello, I bought expired domain and start blogging in it. and i got Manual action as pure spam in google search console. So, what may i do now? Please help me.
  2. Epicster

    301 Redirect the old penalized site, will the penalty going to pass

    So here's the situation. The old site got hit with Pure Spam Penalty - BH niches ( everyone knows ) If I 301 redirect it to another site which is indexed, will the penalty going to be passed or not or i am safe until i fuck up the new site.
  3. D

    Pure Spam Penalty on my wallpaper site

    Hello, My 2 wallpaper sites got deindexed due to pure spam penalty. 1 of them is onlinewallpapers.net Now, its common that wallpapers websites are hit by pure spam penalty, but here is a case study of mine and I need a solution. 1 year back I used to own desktopwallpapers.co and...
  4. Brian Alexander

    Sites hit with "Pure Spam" penalties. Which route do I go?

    So yesterday, my 2 main money sites got hit by a "Pure Spam" Google penalty. As you see, the traffic has been butchered on both sites around 12 o'clock yesterday: I signed up for Google Analytics and added one of the sites and see the dreadful message: My sites are the classic "fake...
  5. Iwanttowin

    Game Hack Niches been taken down by Google Penalty Pure Spam

    Hi Guys as the title says, i lost two sites i was earning around 200 a day to direct 0, what do you think? what should we do create new sites? or BH Niches is done. i have seen this in all niches the top 10 domains of every niche is being taken down.
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