Do you know anything about hetcash?

    Does anyone in this group have experience working with a company called hetcash? If yes please share your experience. I am planning to work with them but don't know a lot about their company. Tried to find on google but nothing much showed as result.
  2. R

    Looking for publisher of top newspapers

    we are looking for Native/Sticky/Sponsored Articles published on homepage in top newspapers which has DA 89+. Newspapers category type we need are Technology/Investment/Finance as an example : Bloomberg, Techcrunch, Techradar, Entrepreneur, etc.
  3. M

    Help needed in buying traffic.

    We are looking for automated or inapp mobile traffic vendors for our cpa offers. Preferred geo:IN,VN,UKR etc.Our goal is to make the offers appear with a lot of traffic and reach to HQ conversions per month. If you know how to provide mobile Ads Account farming plz kindly contact me.
  4. Affie Network CPA Network - Sweepstakes, Nutra, Dating and more

    About Us is a CPA/RevShare network, we work in various verticals, and we are always looking for more publishers. Our primary vertical is sweepstakes, where we work closely with the leading advertisers on the market. Our Publisher/Advertiser support is available all time of day, and...
  5. realankitsingh1

    Looking for Publisher

    Hi, Actually am looking for a publisher who can provide me USA / Canada Traffic. I need traffic on a daily basis but it should be real traffic not any kind of proxy or traffic exchange or any kind bot traffic. If you have real traffic then pm, i will make payout on every two day. i can make...
  6. Bane Bentley

    How do Ad Networks Find Publishers?

    I have a bit of a problem/idea. I've found a few different websites, that combined have over 10 million UV's. Their problem is that most ad networks just kick them out, so they can't monetize their traffic. I was thinking I can try my hand at starting a small ad-network, but after doing some...
  7. alexj9

    video intelligence SSP - does it deliver?

    Hi, Heard about this new native player from video intelligence, called "vi stories". They say that it offers video ads that match website content, providing better user engagement. I would like to know some opinions on this before giving them a try. Thanks
  8. R

    How do CPA networks get publishers?

    I've seen some CPA networks with more thousands of publishers and i was wondering how do they get them?
  9. Artjom

    Looking for publishers

    Hi everyone! I am Looking for publishers. We are working on the model CPM / RevShare / CPA RevShare: Pay from 70%! Easy integration: integration took less than 5 minutes - you issued/JS Tag/direct URL/and you insert it into your application or website. Payment: NET 30/NET pay in USD or...
  10. M

    Solutions to revenue loss from Adblocking - for publishers

    Hi Guys, Can you please share your views on how you would solve the adblocking problem for publishers? The pros and cons of each solution you might offer. Thank you very much! Really appreciate your time. I am involved in the technology side of solutions to help publishers with loss...
  11. W

    Monetizing a WinForms application

    Hi guys, I've written a little Winforms .NET application and would like to offer it for free, however I am looking at ways to monetize the application. The first thing that came to mind was to throw in a WebBrowser control to display AdSense adverts, but as I understand it 1) the WebBrowser...
  12. D

    CPA offers - Private Advertiser - Goog % conversions and very good payouts

    Private Advertiser is offering Diet offers. Offers for USA and Argentina. Great payout and very good % of conversions. IF interested pm with your Skype ID. Thank you
  13. M

    I Need Some Advertising/Publishing Advice

    I have a few "free web hosting" domains. Lots of traffic. > 500,000 plus sub-domains & domains. Until recently I used Adsense... They were demanding pricks and other than lost revenue I'm not unhappy to have been 'BOOTED' But now I got a big problem. With Adsense I just threw their...
  14. S

    SEO help

    Hello, I am looking for help in advancing my website in google. I am looking for people to help me add links to my site and write and publish comments and articles for my site. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. N

    Massive List of Publishers

    Business HQR (previously, previously recently sold a CD that "contains a list of over 29,000 publishers who are eager and waiting to receive your article submissions." The sales page said "You can use it with Artemis Pro or any other article marketing software...
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