proxy checker

  1. flashsites

    PHP Script for my own Proxy Judge

    I had this code in php that made my own simple check like Does anyone have a script that returns this info?
  2. flashsites

    PHP Proxy/IP checking script

    I used to have a really nice proxy checker but somehow lost it :( I want a simple IP checker that will let me know the speed and anon of my current IP. Also check SOCKS proxies. Basically I call this script and it returns all needed info. It only needs to returnt he text. Any ideas where to...
  3. Frenzied

    [RELEASE] Instagram Account Creation / Creators | Proxy Quality Checker [FREE]

    Hey guys (re-upload, fixed some things!) :) I’ve come back with a cool little tool I’ve developed to check whether your proxies are currently working to create accounts or not. Obviously Instagram uses a lot more data, but if you have any existing spam reports, it’s very likely you won’t be...
  4. RSocks

    RSocks Proxy Checker - free software for proxy checking

    We present to your attention the proxy checker from the Rsocks team. RSocks Proxy Checker - assistant in working with proxy servers. The program checks the proxy list and sorts them by parameters. With the help of filters and built-in features of the program, you can configure a proxy checker...
  5. stuna | Proxy List Service ..$5/Month.. THOUSANDS of Anon, Trans, Elite, Sock Proxies..

    Worldwide Proxies.. Countries Listed. We Have The Biggest Lists Of Public Proxies For All Your Needs.. Listed In CSV (Excel) Format. Anonymous, Transparent, Elite, Socks 4 & 5 Proxies.. NO CHINA PROXIES! Continuously Rotating Fresh Public Proxies IPs Continuously Updated.. NO DUPLICATE...
  6. stuna

    [SALE] Thousands Of Proxies In Minutes 24/7..Proxy Finder And Checker!

    Introducing Stuna Proxy Finder And Checker PRO. GET Thousands Of Proxies In Minutes 24/7..Proxy Finder And Checker! Lifetime License.. UPDATES ARE FREE.. Get Fresh Proxies Button – No proxy sources required! Proxies Will Change And Update Hourly/Daily Automatically! You Can Also Scrape...
  7. Jif

    In need of a proxy scraper

    Hey there, Im really new to this site and dont know if this is even in the right forum. But my question is, if anyone of you could recommend me a nice free proxy scraper- and checker. I have seen some but did not know what works and what not. So i decided to ask the Internet, another forum...
  8. Noah Hawryshko

    (GUIDE) Check Whether Facebook, Instagram, and Other Sites Can Tell If You're Using Proxies

    Hi BlackHatWorld, So as many of you know, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have databases comprising of what's likely close to 99% of all proxies, without getting into too many technicalities. Most sites won't ban you if you use proxies the right way, but when they know you're using...
  9. R

    2 projects that i work on them - PyProxyToolkit & QProxyCheckerLib

    Hi, In last few weeks i work on 2 open source project that i want to share with the community and hope more people will contribute. PyProxyToolkit Fast multi-threaded proxy checker based on strategies. Currently only 2 strategies are implemented...
  10. R

    QProxyCheckerLib - Proxy Checker Lib for QT C++

    I wrote qt c++ library, you all invited to fork & contribute. Its under GNU/LGPL (open-source) Licence. The lib is very basic now just check the proxy status, anonymity level (trans, anon or elite) and support http & socks5 The project is hosted on GitHub...
  11. DunDidIt2X

    GET FREE-Paigham Bot Proxy Checker

    Paigham Bot Proxy Checker DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW Use To Check Proxies For Any SEO Application OR Specifically Check For Proxies Use With Paigham Bot. Once you down load the application YOU WILL NEED AN ACTIVATION SERIAL KEY! To receive this key, simply leave a comment...
  12. eaglesWTF

    Looking for a proxy checker with additional check options

    I know that there are lots of proxy checkers, but I need something specific... I need that proxy checker checked if proxy passes this test : 1) Go to website 2) On that website to click on YYYYYY button and then it will load other page (the main problem is that this button is...
  13. jimbobo2779

    No Hands Proxies - 1000s working proxies - test for SEs, Email / Web 2.0 creation etc.

    No Hands Proxies can be used for checking proxies against a list of common websites, this list will be constantly added to but currently it is supporting the checking of proxies for Search Engine scraping, Email creation and Web2.0 account creation at the sites below: Google Bing Yahoo...
  14. postcd

    Pls advice free proxy checker software

    Please advice free proxy checker software, i got 450Mb big list with 23 million possible proxies, one per line, format: ip:port i tried my paid scrapebox, but it crashes. software should have: multithreading (so i dont do it untill my dead) ability to pause check (or linux sw) thx
  15. H

    USA proxies 05-01-2013
  16. Gogol

    [SHARE] A very simple script for testing your current proxy anonymity

    Hi everyone! Here I made a simple script for BHW members for checking the anonymity on-line. Please note that this script may not work properly on your localhost. To use this script save it as a .php file, upload the file to a server ( preferably Linux). To check anonymity simply point your...
  17. NIXMY

    [NPS] NiX Proxy Suite looking for testers and translators

    Hi, I'll release soon this tool for free but before the release, I would need two translators preferably from the UK or USA (people who can write/speak fluent english) who will correct my english in the tool. I'll accept 2 translators and 4 beta testers. Those 6 guys will receive a free copy...
  18. X

    Does anybody else have this problem when scraping/checking proxies?

    So I have a few VPS's to run my tools on, but I also have a badass gaming desktop that I like to let run constantly. But I have this problem (on the desktop computer): When I run proxy scraping and checking tools, such as ZennoPoster's Proxy Checker, ProxyGoblin, and the built-in proxy...
  19. P

    [GET] Facebook Sniper Lite - FREE Facebook Scraper

    FREE Facebook Scraper, scrapes ids and names from Facebook Pages, Groups and Events. Built-in Proxy checker. Built-in Search for Pages, Groups and Events. Coming Soon - Facebook Account Creator. Screenshots: Download ...
  20. S

    Zennoposter Proxy Checker

    Hi all. I am having a nightmare trying to use ZPs proxy checker. It just wont find any proxies. I have about 100 fresh sources, about 40k proxies in total, and ZP wont verify any of them. I have never had this problem before, but i am now working in Spain, using the same laptop, i have checked...
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