proxy changer

  1. R

    How to 100% hide my local ip?

    Hey, I'd like to know what are some ways to completely hide my local ip and activate my new ip on the sane computer, what are your ways to do that? Like a solid method which 110% disguise my local ip?
  2. C

    How to make my script use Proxies?

    I am using a script for bulk emails verification but it is doing it too slowly. Is there a code/script through which I can use proxies with that script only as I have other scripts running on the site as well which I cannot use with proxies.
  3. F

    How to connect in windows 8 to dedicated proxy?

    Can someone help me with this? Because when i tried to google it, i always found the same tutorial where you can't authenticate the proxy (username-login). I need this to have different IP in BlueStacks, please help. I'm sorry for noob question, english and if i post it in wrong section.
  4. itsjinx

    Need Single Private Proxy/VPN In Specific US Cities

    Is anyone aware of any service that can sell private IP's or VPN on a per IP basis in a specific location? For example, today I need a private IP in New York, and then every week or so I will need another IP in another specific location(either as a new IP purchase or swapping previous IP for a...
  5. M

    changing US proxy for every view

    hello BHW members.. I am a noob regarding using proxies.. i came across Mylikes website where we get paid for the clicks on the links provided by the advertiser..but the rule is "payable only for clicks from United States",each click paying me about $0.023..suppose i add those links in my...
  6. LX911

    Automatic Secured Proxy Switiching Software

    Hi, I am looking for an automatic proxy switcher software that (maybe) finds secured proxies and changes them automatically after x minutes! I need it to check my site from different countries!
  7. W

    Google update

    can someone tell me about the new google update? thanks
  8. freething

    I need Permanent IP addresses

    Lets say I have 50 different accounts to and I want 50 different Permanent IP addresses that will always stay the same so i could use to login to my 50 accounts uniquely matched with a certain IP address. What service should I go with?
  9. R


    Where can i get fresh proxy list daily...
  10. enes9

    Anyone knew of a Proxy Firewall software alternative?

    I tried using Proxy Firewall software to manage proxy rotations. But the problem came when I upgrade to Windows 7, it's not yet compatible. Anyone knew of a software that does the same thing on Windows 7? I'd really love to hear any suggestions. Thanks, Enes9
  11. sunseven

    Proxy Management Tool Recommendation

    I'm looking for a simple browser based proxy tool that allows you to easily switch proxies and add notes next to each one, so i can remember which proxy was used for which accounts. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  12. weaselstomp

    Use proxies and change user agent in iMacros Firefox plugin

    For all of you Firefox iMacro fiends out there, check this out: Add support for proxies to your macros! And change useragent, disable images for faster execution, blank referrer. Hope you like it!
  13. I

    Proxy software to rotate IP's ?

    Hi I have bought paid proxies. I need these proxies to work along with a desktop software. I need some software like switch-proxy(the firefox plugin) which can rotate between these proxies every 10 minutes or so.. Basically I need a software to rotate between proxies provided by me in a...
  14. A

    Please help me to hack theme download conter

    First of all thank you guys for looking at and great thank you for helping me to figure it out. I tried tor + all other software who change proxy/ips but they are too damm slow :(. and they are not letting me download more than one theme per 1 minute. I can't post URLs to other sites until i...
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