Proxy software to rotate IP's ?


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Dec 14, 2006
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Hi I have bought paid proxies.
I need these proxies to work along with a desktop software.
I need some software like switch-proxy(the firefox plugin)
which can rotate between these proxies every 10 minutes or so..
Basically I need a software to rotate between proxies provided by me
in a list. I searched but could not find one
Try RotateiP software and service.

Automatically switch your IP as fast as every 30 seconds.
Automatically switch your IP when you open a new browser tab or new browser window.
Seamless integration Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox Capable.
Software is Free with active RotateiP proxy subscription.
US Proxies, Secured, No Logging or Malware ever.
Deletes cookies with each new connection.
Rotate your IP and delete cookies with one click!
If your looking for true dedicated IP's less likely to be flagged on the sites you use them on shouldn't the word "Rental" be a red flag?

We setup and assign new IP's with each new order a network admin secures a new block of fresh new IP's.

Never trust a proxy service that assigns you proxies immediately upon subscription.

That means the IP's were already used or flipped from a previous customer that canceled their service.

This is an indication that IP's have been used, burned, flagged and now given to you a new customer.

That's why you read certain services no longer support certain sites or software because all their IP's have already been flagged on those sites another indication that the IP's are overused and oversold.

If they are true dedicated fresh IP's they should work on any site or software.
Yes I recommend its tool from 'portalweb' also, try it.
sory im not allowed to post urls yet
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