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    Proxy 4G France
  2. sertitans

    I am in need of high-quality proxies for use with GSA Search Engine Ranker and XRumer for SEO purposes.

    I am seeking residential proxies ipv4/ipv6 I need them for posting on gsa ser, and xrumer. But need to be clean and bypass also cloudflare. I plan to operate at a rate of approximately 100-200 threads per second, so the proxies need to support high throughput and concurrency. Please advise on...
  3. bladeefan

    Question about 4g proxy

    I just got a 4g proxy for dating apps, might be a noob question but fuck it If i rotate my 4g proxy and get a new one, can i still use that old proxy or will it not be useable anymore?
  4. Shawerma

    IProyal proxies are missed up??? Reddit UpVote

    I am testing my IProyal 4g proxies on 5 accounts which have high karma and old, when ever I use the IProyal proxies I get 0 upvotes, but when I try another proxy provider service for 4g I get the 5 upvotes, how is this even happening? I thought 4g network is big and have a lot of IPs, how in...
  5. R

    Proxy similar to

    Hi! So, it's been quite sometime since 911 got closed. So i wanted to know do we have any better alternative? Or closest to 911?and not scam, i was just about to buy 922 but gladly i read some posts regarding that. I use around 25-45 different ips daily US, so something helpful with that?
  6. S

    Spotify / Apple - Wanted to start my own manual physical streaming farm - need feedback if proxies are needed!

    Hey there I wanted to start a small set up for streaming on Spotify + Apple (and maybe Amazon if the first 2 are successful), need some guidance and feedback from pros who have done music stream farming successfully, and need feedback if my method below could work. Im a music artist, so am...
  7. socialmanipulator

    Proxidize | None of my sim cards are working

    Hey everyone! I have been troubleshooting proxidize for the last month. I have 2 unlimited mint mobile sims (with hotspot) plugged in and 1 t-mobile sim with only internet plan (not a hotspot) None of my sims are getting signal but proxidize recognizes sims are plugged in, they are showing "no...
  8. M

    Spotify stream farming groups

    I'm seeking Spotify stream farming communities or servers to gain insights into the requirements for starting this practice. 1. Is streaming done via phones with proxy services? 2. Is a separate SIM card needed for each phone? I possess reliable proxies and around 10k stable Spotify accounts...
  9. D

    Targetting USA with TikTok using mobile proxy and anti-detect browser failed

    Hello to all BHW member, if anyone can help me please with the following question I can't find an accurate answer. I am located in Europe and wanted to target USA market with TikTok. After deleting my first account that I had with them, I started to use a multilogin browser on my laptop to...
  10. toDay in UA - 4G Mobile proxy USA/Ukraine | Dedicated proxies | Perfect for social media | HTTP(s)/SOCKS5

    Hello, dear users, I present to you our proxies PiratProxy! What we can offer: HTTP(s)/SOCKS5 protocols are both available; Wireguard protocol avialable by request(only USA proxy); IP rotation on request. Interval length as you wish; 100% allocated: 4G device per user (not shared); Unlimited...
  11. Z

    how to avoid tinder shadowban?

    i am recently trying to create tinder profiles with Antidetect browser and mobile 4g proxy. I can create them but I'm immediately shadowban so 0 like. I wonder where is the problem? what am i missing? I'm starting to think that profiling from the browser doesn't like it and has low trust score...
  12. K

    How to run my first Twitter Automation ? (New here! )

    Hello BHW, I'm looking for running my first Twitter automation and I'll be more than happy be assisted by the community knowledge about the following: What is the best Proxy to use, and how many accounts per proxy? Is it better to create fresh accounts or maybe purchase aged accounts? What...
  13. bbloverz

    FROGPROXY.COM - High-quality Italian 4G LTE Proxies - Fully dedicated - BHW discount

    Hello from frogproxy! We offer high-quality Italian 4G proxies. Prices are: - €45 p.m. 50GBs package - €55 p.m. 200GBs package - €80 p.m. unlimited traffic package Discount for all BHW users! 1€ = 1$ :) Enjoy the same prices in USD instead of EUR (approx. 10% discount). Just like and post "I...
  14. S

    How many Facebook ad accounts can I use on a single mobile proxy???

    Hey guys, After doing a lot of research, I've found that mobile proxies are better than residential proxies because many people use the same mobile proxy IP and so Facebook can't just ban the IP. I'm planning on using Incogniton + a mobile proxy, just wanted to know how many separate facebook...
  15. E

    Opsec whonix / android / proxy

    Hello everyone, I need to access a 4G proxy from an android emulator, and I would like to do this with a good opsec setup. Until now I was using the adguard application to redirect the internet traffic of my emulator through my proxy. Only thing is, the opsec is not really good, my real IP is...
  16. S

    Turn Your Phone into a Mobile Rotating Proxy without Root

    First, you need to install the Localtonet app on your phone by download it from the Google Play Store here: Next, go to and sign up for an account. Once you're signed up, go to the clipboard page...
  17. Proxy-IPv4

    ☄️ - Private 4G/LTE, IPv4 and IPv6 proxies | From $0.36 per IP | 20+ locations ✅ Proxy price: Depends on the proxy format - IPv4, IPv6 or 4G Mobile proxy. Also, the price will be determined by the term of the proxy lease and the location you choose. Prices start from the following values: IPv6: $0.81/month IPv4: $0.36/3 days Mobile 4G: $12/3 days ⭐ Want to...
  18. Bers666

    Proxies will die in 2023?

    Hi, there is a concern about raising usage of QUIC protocol (HTTP 3.0) with combination of using a proxy in browser. QUIC is UDP. All modern browsers do support QUIC. Yet none of them support sending QUIC via a proxy. Even if the proxy itself can send UDP (most Socks5 proxies can't but some...
  19. M

    Selling Mobile Private Proxies

    I am selling Mobile Private Proxies: Countries\ location: Russia: You can set an auto rotate time, or rotate with the API link. Speeds of up to 50mbps. Fully private and unlimited data. Pricing: 1 Month: $50...
  20. MobileProxy Team

    ✨LEETSOX.COM ✨5G USA Mobile Proxies ✨ UK, EU, RU & Worldwide Mobile unlimited data proxies from $3 ✨High quality, fast and stable proxies at low price

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