1. L


    What is the solution for faster proposals For website management clients
  2. SirLouen

    Mindblowing proposal

    Today I have registered a new domain, nothing easy to remember. Pretty "strange" to be typed and found. I set it up with my certificate (letsencrypt) bought it with namesilo (with WHOIS privacy) and set up a simple wordpress site with nothing in particular. Not GSC yet or analytics. In 3...
  3. William702

    Proposal dilemma - How do I structure this and get paid?

    I'm hoping to get some advice and insight into how to structure a proposal. tl;dr Should I add my fee into the proposed budget or charge my fee on top and risk scaring the client off? The too much info why did you write so much version is down below :) +++++++++++++++++++++++ I have a client...
  4. AnotherOne

    Seeking help from BHW users about potential investors (2nd part)

    I had a chance to meet my ex boss today to discuss few issues I had with my experience letter and other things HR gave me. After a lot of thinking (and choosing words in my head) I finally presented my proposal to him. I gave him overview of the product and he seems genuinely interested and...
  5. B

    need a proposal

    hello i need a proposal design for my social media website to send it to big companies can any one do it thanks
  6. C

    Mutual Action Plan & SEO Templates

    Hello, Does anyone here have examples to share of how an SEO Mutual Action Plan and SEO proposal look like please?
  7. mrorzio

    SEO Proposal TOOL - That is Easy and Works

    I have searched this forum and others for a smooth, easy, quick, great, nice, etc.. proposal tool. I have used most of them. Wanted to share one I found that actually took me 15 minutes to set up and generate a very professional proposal. it comes with a 14 day free trial. the site is...
  8. S

    SEO Client wants PPC proposal

    Does anyone have a PPC proposal template that they would like to share? Something which outlines what 'I'll' be doing and how much I should charge. Cheers
  9. hhhernan

    Google Places Proposal Needed PLEASE =/

    So I want to first say thanks to all of those here at BHW! I finally got off my lazy butt and went out. After researching for a bit I sent out very personalized emails and well now I have a potential client who looks like he really wants to move forward. so cutting to the chase he asked for a...
  10. KaisGuy

    ~ SEO Contracts, Proposals, NDA's, Invoices, and more available ~

    Hey fellow Black Hatters... My previous thread wasn't really all that "noticeable", so I thought it good to write an update. Do you offer a service, but don?t know what documentation to create, use and send to your clients and/or prospects? There is no doubt that you love what you do...
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