1. iTsV2nom

    Propeller Ads is a Scam - Don't Waste Your Money!

    I am extremely disappointed with Propeller Ads. I created a campaign to get popunder traffic for my website, spending $10 in just over an hour. Despite their dashboard showing 12,006 visitors, my website did not receive a single actual visitor. Initially, I received 4,000 clicks for $2 and then...
  2. E

    Propeller Advertising Method

    hello, I was using propeller advertising company before and I was getting good results. I'm looking for an advertising company that accepts automatic download links. I want to work with propellers but my account is banned I will be glad if you can help me with this
  3. spamco

    Best Cpabuild Traffic Method

    hey guys , im using cpabuild and i have 300$ to start promoting offers but can anyone tell me what traffic should i use , push or pop or any other traffic type...???? that all i want to know and thanks for the help
  4. N

    Scammed by Propellerads , 92$ gone Help!

    Hi i deposited 100$ on propellerads and after spending 2$ i got banned and they told me that there is no refund ,,,,, they stole my money without any warning or anything else , plz anyone could help me to get my money back . Thank you
  5. joaovieiraaa

    Propeller Ads

    Hey guys, i started my journey in blogs for the first time and I want to monotize, im trying with Propeller Ads (popunder ads). What do you think about the values of CPM/Clicks/Earning? i started yesterday. Any tips are welcome. Thanks all.
  6. Sindbad

    Cloaking Propellerads

    Everyone who uses Propellerads knows that they have f*cking lot of traffic. Also, everyone knows they are a bit more strict than other networks. Recently I found a method which requires sending traffic from this network. Once set up, it gives 50-100% ROI. Problem is they ban my accounts with...
  7. M

    Does Referrer Affect CPM

    Hello all, This is my first post here and I'm pretty new to all of this so any help would be really appreciated. I am using direct links on my website (with propeller ads) and I'm using a variety of traffic exchanges to send traffic using a shortened google link for tracking purposes. I've...
  8. J

    JS assistance

    Hi Chaps, I'm a PHP through and through. I've found a way of taking advantage of a traffic generation website (and it's working) for legit traffic, I've got propeller ads working... But NO ONE IS CLICKING ON THE DAMN SITE. Can one, urm... trigger a click for them? And if, how? Also, if you...
  9. earn20

    Looking for freelancer

    Hi BHW Members, I'm looking for freelancer Requirements- 1) You must have website or free blog. 2) You must have advertising account like google adsense, Propeller Ads or any PPC account. 3) Do you have website or free blog, Still struggling to Make Money Online then this is for you. PM Me...
  10. Q

    I found this Digg/Stumble/Propel Better than Piqq

    I found this Digg/Stumble/Propel Better than Piqq They pay like 5-10 cents a digg/stumble/propel. You can boost up your traffic for your sites, as you can put your own links on there (digg link, stumble link, or propeller link (i never used propeller before)). It's...
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