programing help

  1. C

    Deploy application with Express and Handlebars

    Can someone help me? I have an application in Express, Handlebars, and MySQL. I want to deploy this application, but I can't. On some platforms, the application goes up, but the page gives a 404 error. This is because they are looking for a file called 'index.html' and in this case, the...
  2. soothsayerpg

    Easy Python Task

    Looking for someone for a few read and append on a CSV file. Feel free to DM me.
  3. kpenshoppe

    Hire a Freelancer who knows how to create a WAPSITE

    A wap community script with many advanced features including, forums, chatrooms, polls, blogs, chat bots, plusses system, smilies, wap games, download system, user files, user sites, user clubs including their own chatroom and forum. Please send me an email but I have to be honest I can only pay...
  4. P

    Need Programmer for "simple" program

    New member and excited to be part of a community in a new venture, here is the lowdown. I have been working on writing a "simple" program that opens a tor browser to a specified url, sleeps for x where x=content time, closes browser then loops, for my first ever "real" program. I specifically am...
  5. skoolboy

    Can A Pro Programmer/developer Answer This Question?

    Hi there, I was wondering how much it would cost to build and maintain a movie streaming site like Netflix or crackle? Your answer should take into account- hosting costs, costs to hire a programmer, time it will take, maintenance costs, e.t.c
  6. D

    Need a bot that will let you type in the views and likes on a website

    Looking for a bot creator who knows how to develop a bot that allows me to type in the views and likes on my website. Plus add on views / likes from real user that watch and like content. I think this might be the safe way of doing it.
  7. U

    Anonymous / untraceable API calling

    There is an existing API that handles data from 6 or more client websites. All client websites call the same API through URL in jQuery .ajax function. I need client websites to be unique while calling API. I mean to say that no website function should match other website's function. If my...
  8. S

    Online service website what do I need?

    Sorry if this isn't the right sub-forum for this question I am new here. Anyway I got an idea for a B2B online service that I would like to create. But the problem is I don't know a thing about computer programming or web-development or servers.:( I wont go into details but basically how the...
  9. natedogg

    Hire Programmer for Software

    Hey, If I want to have a programmer make me a software where would be the best place for me to outsource this? Also, how would I make sure once the programmer creates it for me, he or she doesn't share it? Thinking about making a tool for social media. A lot of these tools on BHW are great, they...
  10. BP247

    Looking for some C# coding help

    Hi, I'm stuck at YouTube captcha because the src link is dynamic and whenever I access the link, it gives me a new captcha. Can anyone please help me out and get me a peace of code, to get it resolved. I'm ready to pay for it as well, but need the sourcecode that really can do the job. Please...
  11. Last_Legend

    Having some programming issue .. want to hire some one !!

    Please read my old thread which on cpa section : which about programming issue . please PM with your skype username . Thanks in advance
  12. Last_Legend

    Need Good and BH progarammer

    Hello hatter, I'm looking for good and BH programmer because I have method and niches (0% competition) to make daily $500 or more ... please Pm if you are because I know few peoples but they did not reply .. please don't ask anything if you are not a good programmer because it's big task Thanks
  13. bileana

    I need a Magento Developer

    Hi, I need help from someone who knows his way arround magento. I have installed it on a server, managed to get a db with products. Installed a theme. Now I need to put it all together and make it look like the demo. also to upload the products - I have tried fiverr for this but I am not...
  14. CaptainKing

    What software/program does hotpads use???

    I need to create a program/software like hotpads, where my users can search a map and see where little tabs on the map for rental apartments etc... I would allow my users to create their listings that will then show up on the map and be seen publicly. How would I go about doing this? Is there a...
  15. CaptainKing

    Where is a good place to start learning how to build a program/software?

    After having bought over 500$ in softwares like scrapebox, AMR, tube toolbox, etc... I have begun to think. :rolleyes: It would be so awesome to learn how to actually write one of these programs. I love learning new things and always ready for a challenge. Maybe start with something small like...
  16. S

    Anybody good with Ruby on Rails need help!!

    Hi I have started learning RoR recently and had like hundreds on hundreds of problems installing it on MAC. Finally I have everything installed: Ruby Ruby Gems Rails Git Heroku Now I am following the following tutoria from chapter 2:
  17. A

    Senuke x Problem

    Inside the Senuke X (cracked version) sections where it asks me to edit the articles it won't let me copy and paste. I need someone to solve this for me.
  18. sfidirectory

    Is anyone doing Computer Science at college/university?

    Hi everyone, Just would like to see if anyone else in here is majoring in Computer Science at university/college? Have approached my 2nd year at University, with also another year completed at technical college and it would be good to network over programming problems etc while at uni. Sice I...
  19. showbizvet

    Need PHP MySQL exper

    I have a client who wants the ability to update a couple of webpages himself (they change frequently) and Macromedia Contribute is a pain. I did have the code for this (from a ScriptLance project), but since we moved servers (shared to VPS) it is not working correctly and I'm not an expert in...
  20. A

    Help me Please: How to add adsense in php script

    Hello, I've this guestbook in php: and would like to: 1. Add adsense banners on the right and left side 2. Add 5 text links at the bottom of the pages. How can i do that? Please bear in my that i'm not a programmer although i've a small knowledge of html. Thank you for your...
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