Online service website what do I need?

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    Sorry if this isn't the right sub-forum for this question I am new here.

    Anyway I got an idea for a B2B online service that I would like to create. But the problem is I don't know a thing about computer programming or web-development or servers.:(

    I wont go into details but basically how the service will work is that every company that is my Client will get a special web page that will be hosted on my computers. They will link it to their own website and that link will have my app/program thing. The information that the app/program thing collects will encrypted and then sent to another app that will process/compile the data. The results of the data will then be sent to the Client. I am not sure if I should send this info to the client or just make like login page will they will be able to access the results.

    So what I need to know is what do I need to know so I can develop this service myself? Or would it be better to hire a developer for this?:confused:

    Oh and thank you in advance for your answers.:eek:

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