1. PLennart

    Looking for an AI developer/prompt engineer

    I am looking for an experienced prompt engineer that can code a GPT chat bot software with node.js. More details in DMs.
  2. A

    Need a tutorial video for a golang program ($100)

    Need a tutorial video be made of the program Neurax it needs to contain: Full explanation of how it works demonstrate how to install demonstrate how to configure demonstrate how to infect demonstration of spreading demonstration of the commands (ie...
  3. mohamedabdo

    loooking for programming expert

    I looking to programming expert and honest to create some automation ideas with Facebook and Linkedin and google maps please if any person can guide and help me to the website have good developers and honests no upwork not good or fiver not good also IF any programmer here is an expert no money...
  4. JohnDontheman

    Need a mql5 Coder for MT4 EA

    Need a mql5 Coder for MT4 EA
  5. B

    Need a webdeveloper PHP-Laravel/React

    Hello, I am in need of a web developer. We are not talking about anything WordPress, I need a straight up PHP-Laravel developer for a CRM. React developer is also wanted. I have several projects that need to be done. React Native programmer is also wanted for mobile app.
  6. L

    want to hire a developer

    am looking to hire someone who could create a system,plugin or app to do the following are you familiar with spreadshirt? its a website that allows users to upload designs and create merchandise i would like to hire someone who could develop something that will allow me to backup everything...
  7. M

    Chaturbate viewers bot!

    Hello, About the BOT: I need up to 5,000 continuous viewers on the BOT, and the option to choose how many viewers I want to send to the specific model room (URL provided). The interface of the BOT must contain the box to input the model's room, the amount of viewers I want to send to the room...
  8. I

    Need a private checker

    Looking for someone who can make me a private account checker. i need to see if the email has an account on that website. and of course checking in bulk. As i said i want to be private so only really serious people and only PM.
  9. Josephines

    Reddit bot

    Hi, I want to hire a programmer/team who are able to build a custom Reddit bot that support api . I prefer python . For more details please PM me . Thanks!
  10. douevenlift_bro

    Looking for a Freelancer - Create multiple Snapchat accounts with Database

    Hey there, I am looking for a Freelancer that is able to create multiple Accounts based on an SQL Database that contains Snapchat User Accounts. It is quite a lot so this cannot be done manually. Thanks a lot!
  11. LearnerBoy

    [Budget $500 or more] Looking for someone Who can make me a unlimited Id creator

    Looking for a right person who can build a software for creating unlimited id from limited id creator mobile apps. For details PM me.
  12. jkitty

    Looking for someone to design a social media bot

    I am looking for someone who can make a bot that will follow people through an API. I currently use a macro on a site that takes to much loading time. If someone could make a bot for the website that will take a notepad list of scraped accounts and follow each account until x amount has been...
  13. D

    I was scammed on here by Stuna, I got him been banned. I Need a programer.

    As some of you may know.... Stuna scammed me out of $150.... This was my rent money for the month, and I was not refunded.... If you care to see the thread, it's the top one on the shit list.... Thanks to @MisterF and the other awesome mods on here, I was able to get Stuna banned. I'm over it...
  14. sweetasian

    Need a good experienced coder

    Can someone direct me to any experienced coders on here? Been looking for months and I have tried all the known coders I know of on BHW and none of them seem to have enough experience to do a simple program I need. They say they have developing teams but the experience just isn’t there. Any help...
  15. R

    WTH PHP Expert familiar with Clickbank

    I need a database, list or whatever created with my clickbank affiliate id's each with their own unique identifier. Example: cbaffi:joecash unique indentifier:1234567 cbaffi:marymoney unique identifier:8910111213 Then a script created that will capture the cbaffi parameter that is being...
  16. Gantlekey

    How can do that with SEO

    Dear All, Hope you are fine by the grace of GOD, would you please help me how can put this type of search bar on the GOOGLE main page with the help of SEO OR programming?
  17. Enzo star


    I saw this guy who won cars and stuff in online contests, total worth of 150k in a year. He's a programmer and do what he has to do to win. Anyone can do that? pm me !
  18. A

    Tinder bot

    Looking for a working Tinder bot..i need only which is working u with ur offer.. Thanks
  19. Rinchan Baltis

    Can we Trace any Laptop through its MAC Address?

    hey! i wanna know that can we trace a person who stole a laptop. just got a MAC address only can we trace thief location? while using kali?
  20. Alvarado

    i need a Facebook account maker bot

    i am looking for a coder who can make for me a fb accts creator bot . pm me if you have can do it i can pay well