1. L44B1L4

    Is Caffeine hood for working online and productivity?

    I just wondered if the caffeine good for working hard and be more productive?
  2. ShiningWarrior

    Any productivity and focus software?

    Hi fellas, I need a productivity and focus software for windows. The ones I found are either for Mac or has premium. Basically, I need to block a couple of sites and get notifications of tasks with sound at a particular time. Also, I need to track how much time I spend on a particular site and...
  3. ShiningWarrior

    OpenOffice or LibreOffice over MS Office?

    Hey, how many of you use either OpenOffice/LibreOffice and can you give a review of how it is over MS word, excel and powerpoint? Need to switch from MS office 2007. Both of those are open source so that's a BIG advantage, other than that anything good over MS Office? Thanks in advance!
  4. ShiningWarrior

    Any All-In-One Note Taking App like OneNote/Evernote?

    Hi, I'm about to get a premium note-taking app and thinking to ditch Evernote. Thing is I like Evernote and if I decide to get anything other than EverNote, I would have to copy each note manually to the app that I buy. The very thought of the time that will be spent and the horror on copying...
  5. ShiningWarrior

    Note-Taking App companies sees our notes?

    Hi, till now I used EverNote but I came to know that Evernote employees can access our notes from the backend but Evernote in their new policy in 2017 said that they WON'T anymore. Article -...
  6. ShiningWarrior

    Any app or something that can notify me to do task?

    Hey, is there any app or something that can ring a sound or alarm notifying a task that I need to do at a particular time? Suppose at 11 am I need to go and buy food. At 1 pm, I have to pay a bill. At 5 pm, I have to meet someone. Any app or something that can play a sound and alert me with...
  7. ShiningWarrior

    Advice on a good PDF reader/maker and Office?

    Hi, my adobe acrobat is pretty laggy. Whenever I load PDF to read, it gets very slow. Is there any alternative that you guys use to read and write PDFs? Another thing, I need MS Word and Excel and I can't buy the subscription now and all the cracked versions are filled with viruses, tho I don't...
  8. Alex D.

    What's the best way to track daily routine and productivity?

    I decided to be more productive and establish the best daily routine for me. I want to write down every thing which I do during day. I need advice what is the best way to do it, my first thought is creating new sheet in excel workbook for every day but maybe it will be hard to navigate through...
  9. tamastorok

    CryptoNewsTracker - Customizable cryptocurrency news aggregator (need feedback)

    hi guys! There is a huge flux of articles about cryptocurrencies which makes it hard to cut through the noise. So my friend and I decided to build a cryptocurrency news aggregator that is customizable and sends you notifications once a new article is published about your selected...
  10. ApexTemple

    Hack your Life in less than a minute

    There’s a famous anecdote about a man and his boiler that says a lot about where we’re at these days regarding self help. The man’s boiler is broken and he spends weeks trying to fix it. Finally he gives in and calls the engineer, who comes the next day, taps it on the side and presto — it...
  11. I

    Created a landingpage, ebook and app. How to monetize?

    Hi there, After years of struggling with starting and finishing simple (routine) tasks, I developed a method to increase my productivity on low-priority tasks with more fun while minimizing downtime between it. It's called RandomTask. I have already made a landingpage, ebook and the android...
  12. cosmo89

    What's the most you've ever worked in a week?

    As, Elon Must mentioned that by working 100 hours/week you can get done anything in 4 months, So, i ask all those entrepreneurs here in BHW, how much time you spend per week on your project? and How do you manage your time ?? Any tools or tips to stay productive would be appreciated!!
  13. truelearner

    Is There Any Good Tool That Can Help me With Goals

    I Want a tool that can help me by putting popups & alarms with the goal and it needs to be a windows software is there anyone guys let me know thanks
  14. mikamartins

    do you guys use any productivity app?

    hello, I wanted to ask you guys, if you recommend any app that increases productivity or is that placebo effect for the ones that really use them?
  15. johanneqont

    help me Im a WooNoob

    Hey guys! Im new here aswel as new to the whole ecommerce/ webshop thing! I recently opened a shop in vintage fashion and figured I needed a webshop so I decided to DIY the whole thing... Im actually doing alright but there's just one thing I really cant get my head around and thats...
  16. C

    Beating the System with a Sledgehammer

    Beating the System with a Sledgehammer-Free Ebook on Amazon-Kindle Jan. 9th-13th. Check it out-areas.personal growth Saving money, how to beat the system, in areas like Insurance, credit cards, lawsuits, etc. Tired of playing by the rules? Here's the guide book to arm yourself against the world...
  17. Buzzika

    A Different Kind Of Journey

    Hello, I have multiple abandoned journies on BHW. Even the ones that were successful were temporarily hibernated, and by the time I resumed my work, the journey thread was dead. This is will not be one of those dead threads. This will not be about one particular project either. This is a...
  18. Buzzika

    Best Tool To Create Static Sites For My PBN?

    Hello everyone! I am just building a small PBN (25 domains) and trying to keep everything random, including the platforms I use. I used Jekyll to generate static blogs for one of the domains, but it takes a bit too long for me as it lacks any good interface/gui software to easily publish. What...
  19. OldClock

    Visual Progress Trackers

    Does anyone here use any type of visual progress trackers to increase their productivity? I've only really seen them used in video games before, but I could easily see them being applied to IM. I also know about keyword rank trackers, but I'm talking about stuff that can be used for other...
  20. W

    The Best Guide to Bolstering Productivity and Effectiveness

    From the best-selling book ?The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? by popular and influential author Stephen R. Covey comes different principles that lead to effectiveness from high and satisfying work performance. Since the principles have been introduced, the human resources sector...