product creation

  1. SystemOp

    Covid Productivity Journey to $1000+ a month

    What I want: Make passive income Start with small achievable goals but big enough to work hard Make at least $1000 a month Learn a lot in the process How I will achieve the results: Make products (Books, courses, media) Sell software Open to new ideas How much I've made & What I did so far...
  2. cosmo89

    Launched my Side Project in Product Hunt

    After few weeks of hard work and iteration, i have launched my side project that helps people to find unique products to gift it to your loved ones. Hope you will like and appreciate it. Please Upvote !. Thanks Cosmo
  3. Mr. Umair

    Cheap sales page to sale product via warriorplus?

    Hi everyone, It's my first post in this forum! I've planned to sale some digital products/services via W+ and looking for a cheap way to build a good (fast loading) sales page. I don't need a fancy looking landing page. Now I can't decide whether to buy WordPress hosting or some other landing...
  4. JouvanJohnson

    My Journey To $278 profit per day

    This was a mistake please delete
  5. JouvanJohnson

    [Video] - My Journey To $278 profit per day

    They say success is just outside of your comfort zone and boy am I stepping out of it on this one! We have all seen the power of vlogging in this reality TV obsessed culture so I have decided to start my own reality TV show (kinda) I have set myself a challenge to build a $100,000 gross profit...
  6. natedogg

    Best Way to Protect PDF on Clickbank

    What's up guys, I have a product I'm starting on clickbank. What is the best way to protect my PDF from being downloaded for free. Also, best way to convert my PDF to a link for when the customer can download. If it works out I will let people know my CB product. Thanks
  7. Dan Chapman

    [FIRST THREAD SPECIAL] The Ultimate Product Creation Mega Guide

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking around this forum for years and have taken a lot of information from it - so I thought it was time I gave back! If anyone needs help please reply to this thread so everyone can benefit! Always open to JVs too so PM me if you think we can work together. About me...
  8. JouvanJohnson

    Oral pleasing your lady plus marketing?

    This is about to get a little weird but fook it I'm having fun ;) Yesterday I got asked this question... (I will share it below) ========================================= "I'm broke but I want to start an online business so need to limit my cost as much as possible. I'm using WordPress as my...
  9. dekra

    Too smart to do it!

    So hey guys, i got a problem, im a little bit way too ******* smart for myself that i dont use it!!! cant explain, i have so many ideas that i myself dont know how to do them, but to do them alone will take me ages! so i need people on bhw or someone you might know that want to sit and listen...
  10. natedogg

    Looking All Day!

    Hey guys, I been looking to get a product outsourced like mugs, hats, stationery, etc. I tried USA companies like zazzle, vista print, fiverr, etc. these companies charge too much and even if you buy in bulk it's still pricey. I tried alixpress and it can be confusing and looks like junk...
  11. BlingFiles

    [JV] Your Traffic, My Product = $$$$$/mo

    I have a product(Not an Information product) in the IM niche where clients pay a substantial amount/month so you will earn your share each month as long as the client stays with us. I'm looking for serious marketers who want to earn some nice dough. This can be a long-term relationship as I am...
  12. popzzz

    [GET] Ghostwriters From The Inside Out MRR

    Ghostwriters From The Inside Out MRR And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah ..... ..... popzzz ~ Sales Page: ..... popzzz ~ NOTE: These multi files are INTERCHANGEABLE...
  13. popzzz

    [GET] Ewriter Pro V1 and V2 MRR

    This includes v1 and v2 which both have different sales pages, etc. Ewriter Pro V1 and V2 MRR Step 1. Write your ebook with eWriter Pro (or in your favorite text editor). Step 2. Insert Your Graphics, Links Etc. Step 3. Click the PDF icon. Your PDF Ebook is Ready! Here's a...
  14. popzzz

    [GET] Creating High Profit Information Products - Master Course - Bob Serling

    Bob Serling - Creating High Profit Information Products - Master Course Donor requests and help Section There's no need to wait until you research all the strategies and how-to's, and no need to blunder around making avoidable - and expensive - mistakes. The Launch Your Information Empire...
  15. R

    Need Barnes & Noble Product Catalog?

    I'm in need of Barnes & Noble product catalog with the following information. Product Name/Title Price (high and low) ISBN (books) and/or UPC (products) Condition (new, used, ect..) Product Description (not a must, could do without) I guess their are a couple ways to obtain this product...
  16. B

    Hello Blackhat,marketer here since 2006

    Hello to everyone, You might see I am new member here but actually I create a new account my old id:webaffz but even in that account I am not really active:) Just viewing some post and leaved,can't retrieve It already emailed admin,if anyone can help me to back my account I would be very happy...
  17. J

    Creating and selling your own premium ($300+) products

    Hey, I am thinking of creating very high class, premium products and sell them for at least $300+, maybe even as high as $1000. Those are not some rehashed stuff but based on my education (I have Masters in Business) and on my understanding of the niche which is then applied to the market...
  18. G

    Creating info products

    hello all, I want to target the weight loss niche with my own info product. There are a lot of resell rights products everywhere, but the quality is really poor. Can somebody tell me any blackhat technique to get it done by an expert. I also started rehashing a book on this topic, but I am not...
  19. mystery

    Need Help Picking A Name For New Product!!!

    Hello everyone, I usually don't face difficulties with choosing names for my prods and reports, but today nothing good is coming to my mind! My new product is about Twitter. The name should be made of two to three words, with the first one being Twitter. I also don't want the "descriptive"...
  20. B

    My First CB Product Launch - Need Advice

    Hi there, Im just about to submit my website to CB for approval. Once I have been approved, whats the best thing to do to find affiliates ??? I already have put together some killer affilate aresenal to sell the ebook but surely there are methods to mass mail or advertise directly to...
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