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    Don't touch the REP!

    This includes v1 and v2 which both have different sales pages, etc.

    Ewriter Pro V1 and V2 MRR



    Step 1. Write your ebook with eWriter Pro
    (or in your favorite text editor).
    Step 2. Insert Your Graphics, Links Etc.
    Step 3. Click the PDF icon.

    Your PDF Ebook is Ready!

    Here's a look at one of the panels inside eWriter Pro:


    As you know, PDF is fast becoming the format of choice for ebook authors and developers around the world.

    That's not surprising.

    Surveys continue to show that PDF is preferred by an ever-growing majority of ebook readers.
    And it's easy to see why PDF Ebooks are so popular...
    They can be read on just about every computer in the world.
    They are easy on the eye, because they recreate the look of a printed page.
    PDF ebooks always display correctly on the reader's computer because fonts, graphics, special characters, and so on are all embedded into the original PDF file.
    PDFs are easy to print out and always give a reliable reproduction of the original document.
    They can contain links within the book as well as links to websites.
    PDFs are very secure.

    In short, when it comes to electronic publishing, PDF is where it's at.
    The only downside to PDFs is that they can be both complicated and expensive to create.

    Until recently the only software available was Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer.

    At a retail price of around $250, it isn't accessible to a lot of people. On top of that, it's far too complicated to use.

    The same is true of most of the other PDF programs on the market.

    To put it briefly, getting your written work into PDF format remains a major headache for most average users.

    Not any more!

    "Now You Can Create Stunning PDF Files in an Instant - Without the Expensive Software!"

    Five minutes from now you can start creating universally readable PDF files with the click of a button!

    Introducing eWriter Pro...

    This software is so EASY to use, you probably won't even bother to read the help files!
    If you can type an email, you can start publishing your own Media-Rich PDF Ebooks in just minutes.

    But don't let its simplicity fool you!

    The PDFs you make will be every bit as professional and secure as the ones you'd make using other expensive programs.

    Just Look at Some of the Features
    You'll Enjoy with eWriter Pro...
    You can create your content directly inside the software or just paste it in from your favorite text editor (like MS Word).

    You can include active hyperlinks to websites or email.

    You can password-protect your PDF document.

    You can disable the copy/paste function to prevent theft of your work.

    You can disable the print function.

    You can easily insert pictures etc. into your PDF.

    You can include page breaks to make your PDF easy to lay out and navigate.

    You can automatically add page numbers and footers to your ebooks.

    You can manage, store and categorize all your ebooks, articles and works-in-progress from inside the software.

    You can create an unlimited number of full-featured PDF files. No restrictions, no royalties, no 3rd-party ads.

    And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah .....
    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com
    Sales Page:
    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com

    NOTE: These multi files are INTERCHANGEABLE, meaning you can mix and match from different/any download sites. (as are all my shares) ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com

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    Analysis date: 2013-02-20 13:40:01 UTC

    Although the author has courteously provided virus scan information for this post, it does NOT alleviate
    any users from using appropriate virus software on their own computers and using such software prudently.

    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com
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    Enjoy ....:cool2:
    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com
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    thanks for this..
    Just downloaded it, will install it later :)
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