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  1. WebMath SEO

    ⚡⚡Evolutionary PBN Backlinks ❤️ High-Quality Niche & Multi-Category Blogs ⏩ MOZ - DA 25+ ⏩ Ahrefs - DR 25+ || RD 300+ || Backlinks 500 t...

  2. bossofthebosses

    25K Words! Only 45$/Site✅PBN/Affiliate/Main Site Creation Service✅Unlimited Discounted Review Copies

    How many times you have heard the line ‘treat your PBN site as your main site’? We have brought a new service for them who want to treat their PBN sites as their money sites :) of course, without spending too much! You can even use the same service to build your affiliate or money site. I am...
  3. Warrenway

    PBN Hosting, Management & Automation Software - RankPapa Blogsitter

    Anyone who has used PBNs before knows how quickly they can grow out of control. If you're not keeping up with them at all times, managing your networks can become a total nightmare. But PBNs are still -- and always will be (if done properly) -- one of the BEST ways to rank your money sites. So...
  4. K

    Does Low Powered PBN Works?

    How many of you are owning PBNs with 10-30RD and How well it works? I know 100+ RD domains are much powerful than 10-30RD domains. But does low RD PBNs atleast show some improvement in rankings or its just waste of time? TIA.
  5. ugjunk

    13 Kick-Ass Reasons You Should Invest In Private Blog Network (PBNs) in 2016

    With SEO growing and getting tougher each day, the ranking is getting harder.. You might be asking yourself whether it's worth it to invest in a Private Blog Network ..and Include them in your 2016 SEO campaigns.. Well, it turns out that it's WORTH it and you should invest and build your...
  6. L33T

    Performagic Newly Built Private Network – Look Beyond 2016 For your SEO

  7. B

    Expired Domains, What should I Check?

    Hi guys, I am trying to build myself a PBN, and right now im at step 1, when i should buy expired domains. Can you tell me what things i should take in consideration before buying a domain? And what tools and stuff i should use when doing this research? Thanks!
  8. R

    The Ultimate Guide to PBN Safety – Leave Zero Footprints

    A lot of threads have recently been opened on the subject, so I decided to go with the flow. Now, when it comes to private blog networks, many people mess it up right from the get-go. This guide goes over the mind-frame that you need to have when you are creating a PBN, the most popular...
  9. Nerevar

    Easy Blog Networks 1-Click PBN Hosting & Autopilot Maintenance | $2/blog (Approved)

  10. ezlivin

    Best Affiliate Program To Use For My New Product?

    I created a new product that offers "Done For You Private Blog Networks". To learn more about my service, you can view my site here: I want to create an affiliate program that offers 25% of the total sale to affiliates. This would mean they can earn between $150 - $1875...
  11. alexodysglobal

    Long time lurker finally decides to come out of the shadows

    Hey all, Alex here. I've been lurking around BlackHatWorld almost since its very beginning, but finally decided to register and join the community only 2 days ago. I guess I just felt a little bit lonely in the shadows of the "bending Google's rules" world and decided to get involved more and...
  12. sunoy14

    PBN vs link building from scratch.

    Hello everybody. I am thinking of building up PR of my website. Now I am confused about whether to start a PBN or buy backlinking services. Any help here please? Also if you could point the advantages and disadvantages of both? One more question. Which route would be cheaper? Thanks.
  13. W

    Great PBN Tutorial

    I was doing a bit of research trying to figure out the best way to build my own private blog network. I had been acquiring domains for a few months now and have a few cheap hosts that I have been throwing them on temporarily. During my research I found two schools of dollar...
  14. jamie3000

    Been away from SEO for 4 years....authority web 2.0 vs expired domain

    This is my first post so don't rip me apart too much :-p I used to be quite into SE0 while in uni (aberystwyth if you care) and had a fair bit of success considering the few hours I put in. However I left uni and went into the typical boring corporate 9-5 finance software development job. I've...
  15. Nick Flame

    How to build your own PBN for under $275 (15 domains)

    Why you should build your own PBN You heard that PBN links are all the rage these days, but tired of paying $97 here and $147 there for PBN links and after all is done you are left with a small increase in ranking that you know will pass once your links will inevitable roll off the main page...
  16. Kintoups

    How to hide InfiniteWP for a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

    Hey guys, I have a PBN and I want to use InfiniteWP to manage parts of it but it needs to hide the fact that I'm using InfiniteWP. I've created an empty index.php at the root of wp-content/plugins/ to hide my plugins but unfortunately, when I use a tool such as...
  17. markcooper006

    Need links from blogs

    Guys I need contextual links from some real looking blogs. doesn't matter if they are from a private blog network or some other but they must be on diffrent class c IPS with original content. p.s. Content will be provided by me.
  18. B

    Free Hosting For Private Blog Networks

    Hello friend I Shared My Hosting with U and its only for private blog networks !!! Hosting Details Ip - 10 class - c Country - usa shared ip's Web Space - 42 GB Bandwidth - 420GB Ping me for more details Thank U
  19. B

    Restored Domains Service? Anyone looking to restore your "New" PR domain back to original?

    So to make this post short (or long) I've started my roller coaster of a journey into the world of blackhat seo about 3 years ago and it has led me from senuke blasts, to bmr, other private blog networks, high pr blog comment blasts, web directory blasts, and so on. Thanks to sites like this I...