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    Am in need of a Tech content writer-Native Speaker

    I am looking for an experienced tech writer for my Blog to review laptops, printers, monitors and desktops. Articles are 5000+ words. Long term assignment. Dm offers and samples. the lowest price wins
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    $800 - need to upgrade Epson receipt printers with LTE & remove access

    Title update: "remove" should be "remote" --------------------- Looking for someone to upgrade off-the-shelf Epson receipt printer with LTE connectivity, so that it will upload everything it prints in a .txt format to a specified AWS S3 bucket. And so we can access it remotely for maintenance...
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    Print-on-demand : How to find printer competitor ?

    Hello, I make Print on demand and i'm wondering how i can found printer competitor ? My competitor sell their products had a lower costs that the selling price made by printers and shipping costs. Thanks for your answers, Julien
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    Trying to copy a company's receipt with the same printer as them. How do I speak to this printer?

    I'm attempting to make a receipt that looks nearly identical to a receipt by a specific business. I want everything to look exactly the same except for the information within the receipt. e.g. Logo, address, items, prices, etc. So I bought the exact same printer as them.An Epson printer (Model...
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    I want to print 2 1/8" x 5 1/2" inkjet ticket stock paper with thermal look

    So I was trying to replicate the look of thermal printing. Would using a thermal laminator work? Thoughts? Ideas? cant post links :/ scotch thermal laminator from walmart was what I was considering.
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    Starting a Business in the US? We are a Legit Supplier of Toner Cartridges!

    GREAT BUSINESS HERE! We are a legit supplier of really cheap yet of high quality Compatible NON-OEM and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges. We offer free shipment within Continental US. We only accept a minimum bulk order of 100 and maximum of 2,000 daily. To gain prospect clients here at BHW, we...
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    3D Printer long-term strategy?

    Hi, ive always been into 3DPrinters so i came across the listing that is ending soon so I need few quick tips, please! Apparently they got bigger project as they want funds for it and now they lowered the price yesterday. (I cant post link here as Im not a member of BHW a little longer.)...
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    I am looking for multiple Custom Tshirt printer+dropshipper in North America, URGENT!

    Hello, My one and only printer/dropshipper just messed up my orders big time, so I decided to find new suppliers here! So you must be a printer AND a dropshipper, and you must meet the following requirements: 1. You can print single order custom tshirts and in bulks as well. 2. You must have...
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    Dropshipping HP Wireless Printer in the UK

    Hey all you guys in the UK, I am dropshipping HP Deskjet 3050 All-in-One WIRELESS Printers. And only for 60 pounds! Pm me if you are interested :D Also, if you buy more than 1 printer from me, then I am able to ship it worldwide, instead of just the UK.