Trying to copy a company's receipt with the same printer as them. How do I speak to this printer?


Nov 9, 2012
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I'm attempting to make a receipt that looks nearly identical to a receipt by a specific business. I want everything to look exactly the same except for the information within the receipt. e.g. Logo, address, items, prices, etc.

So I bought the exact same printer as them.An Epson printer (Model Number: TM-T88V).
The font they use on their receipt is the default font on the printer 'FontA11'. It's not a font file, and it's nowhere on Windows, or in the drivers. It's built into the printer and cannot be extracted.

So I tried making the font myself, making each character one by one in Illustrator but I'm quickly learning that's not very practical and the letters print slightly different each time and look a bit off/goofy.

So I tried to follow the manual.
But all of this is just too far beyond me.

So I downloaded uniCenta, a POS program, and changed the XML myself. Despite not knowing XML, it's quite similar to HTML and it was pretty easy to figure out. I managed to make nearly half the receipt when I discovered that the padding on the sides was not able to be determined by XML and just throws everything off, and the line-spacing is slightly off as well. Only by a tiny amount, but with each printed line it gets further and further off until eventually the lines at the bottom are extremely different from the lines at the top on their receipt.

I just want to be done with this. I haven't the slightest idea what to do next besides pay someone to make a POS program which can do exactly what I need it to do. But I'm sure there's a way I can solve this issue without having to do that.

Surely there's another way? Cannot I not just communicate to my printer directly in any possible way without having to code software?

Please help me if you can.