$800 - need to upgrade Epson receipt printers with LTE & remove access


Oct 29, 2014
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Title update: "remove" should be "remote"


Looking for someone to upgrade off-the-shelf Epson receipt printer with LTE connectivity, so that it will upload everything it prints in a .txt format to a specified AWS S3 bucket. And so we can access it remotely for maintenance.

Alternatively, looking to for someone to make an LTE-connected device, like raspberry PI, that on connection to Epson receipt printer will "hack" into it and upload everything it prints in .txt format (if this is even possible).

Ideas are welcome. Will pay $800 for the initial working prototype.

PS: Total need is for about 50 such printers asap and a constant need of around 5-6 / month.
I believe I can provide a possible solution. But I need more information, we usually provide a similar solution as for POS printers to different restaurants; where they can access whatever prints via Google Cloud. Sending you a PM for more information.
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