1. BlurryBit

    Anybody managed to control Alexa/Google Home enabled SmartBulbs with Win 10?

    Question in title. Seems very trivial for users to be wanting to control their smart gadgets like bulbs from their PC/Laptop? Does anybody know how to do it? Oh, and no emulators please. :)
  2. S

    $800 - need to upgrade Epson receipt printers with LTE & remove access

    Title update: "remove" should be "remote" --------------------- Looking for someone to upgrade off-the-shelf Epson receipt printer with LTE connectivity, so that it will upload everything it prints in a .txt format to a specified AWS S3 bucket. And so we can access it remotely for maintenance...
  3. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Shop Safe This Holiday Season

    Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you.
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