premium domain

  1. B

    Sell 10 premium domain name various niche DA from 27 to DA 44

    Hello im bima i have premium domain 10 totally i bought this all from godaddy a year ago and im not using it yet as PBN and also this Domain Have also little bit high Spam Score and also there is aged domain and also somenof them has been dropped domains But All domain has backlink from...
  2. Zedcov

    How did you find Expired/Premium Domain with High Trust Flow ?

    I've been looking for it for quite a while but not able to find the clean one. Mind to share how you find a good one ? i'm using spamzilla anw.
  3. CyberCommander

    Why so low quality (Domain names and Websites)?

    Hi guys I see very often that websites with bad domains are offered. Also the prices are mostly excessive. When you start a project, please think about a good marketing concept from the beginning. This includes a good domain, which is easy to pronounce and memorize. How can I buy a premium...
  4. lumiux

    Changing Niche Of Expired Domain for non english project

    Hello, Is niche relevancy is a must when buying an expired domain to build a non-English website? If you want to rank for keywords in Hindi and targetted traffic in India. Which one would you suggest? 1: Buying an expired domain in any niche with backlinks from top Indian authority websites and...
  5. thebotmaker

    How do you know when you have a premium domain name?

    How do you know when you have a premium / rare domain name? Lets say the .com of a domain name is premium but you have the local version like .us. Could that make the .us domain name a premium one as well?
  6. lumiux

    Expired domain not indexed,Should i buy it?

    I have finalized to buy this premium expired domain which i was planning to buy past two weeks. The price of this domain is $300. Wayback: Clean Spam Score:0 Domain Authority:35 Domain Rating:5(Ahrefs) Backlinks from top websites:,,,
  7. lumiux

    Fully Niche specific premium expired domain, Should i buy it?

    While searching for a few days for a fully niche specific and High authority expired domain. I found a domain today with DA 27 and backlinks from huffingtonpost,wikipedia, nydailynews, elle,newsweek etc and Spam score of ZERO and priced at $300. I have planned to use it as a niche specific...
  8. mrgemy

    i have Premium Domains any help to earn from them?

    Hey guys i bought this domains from days any way to earn from this domains ?
  9. EternalFun

    Premium domain for cheap?

    There is this domain in namecheap for $3k+ and namesilo shows $2895. Wanted to know is there any way to get those domains for $10 .com prices? The domain is just perfect. Just perfect!
  10. theIMMachine

    [Rolltheball for Sale] - Premium domain authority website outranking FIFA & Wikipedia!

    Dear BHWians Let's cut the fancy designs and talk about this golden deal! We have started up like any other startup in the world with a new age sports news venture called 'Rolltheball' a couple of months before and worked with some freelancers and launched the platform to monetize the huge...
  11. B

    Which is the best domain marketplace for selling domain names?

    The marketplaces have been showing more response than the other platforms all together..
  12. tomoisme

    I got, any suggestions?

    So with this domain, I think I have few options: 1. develop it, monetize it with ads/affiliate/dropship 2. sell it immediately to potential buyer 3. park it and wait until there is someone who wants to pay a fair price for that domain Or maybe you have another thoughts to monetize it? Any...
  13. S

    Which is the best place to Sell my Premium adult Domain

    I want to sell my adult domain <<<<>>>> I recently buy this premium domain from Flippa. I know the domain has incredible value in Adult market plus the domain has 2.2M exact monthly searches. Help me to findout best place to sell the domain! Sincerely, Jaime
  14. tendemo

    Politician Admits Owning 100+ Domain Names of Other Politicians

    Oops couldnt resist sharing this!:) Politician Admits Owning 100+ Domain Names of Other Politicians It was reported yesterday that Republican House member, Dunbarton Rep. JR Hoell owns more than 100 domain names ? representing politicians from both parties. Hoell has been purchasing the domain...
  15. F

    Domain Experts ? Serious Help Needed

    I don't know if i'm posting in the right section. Anyone Here Related To Premium Domain Reselling ? Do Comment , Need Some Serious Help.
  16. WrightWilliams

    Case Study: Ranking A Site That Uses A New Premium Domain Extension

    The new premium domain extensions have begun rolling out and like many SEOs I have jumped and began grabbing as many great EMDs and such as possible. For those unaware, these refer to the new DOT______ extensions available. Extensions like .Recipes and .Careers are live now and can be purchased...
  17. mainceaft

    Godaddy Premium insane

    Hi while I'm surfing around I found link back to 2007 for expired web directory . The domain was listed on Godaddy Premium for $28,000.00 USD I know some of this some aged domains back to 90's or so but 28K are overkill specially their is no readable keyword in that domain . For me Godaddy...
  18. virtualpurity - Would anyone be interested ?

    I recently bought the domain ( came in bulk with other domains ) but since i am not in the adult niche nor planning to be i thought i`d try to sell it. So my questions is would anyone be interested in this domain and how much should it go for ? The domain is clean and has not...
  19. adsoney

    Where to sell HIGH PR Domain name?

    Also please suggest valuation of PR6 domain name with .com extension. Thank You.
  20. R

    HouseDecore Domain with 6000 exact searches per month?

    Hello friends i want to know that one of my friend got housedecore dot com with 6000 exact searches per month. He is not using this domain and i want to buy it. What do you think how much i should pay for it?