ppl & pps

  1. oni3350

    [CASE STUDY] How I Made $8,686.15 Profit In 22 Days From Adult Media Buying

    Before we begin, I just want to say something for the people that may not know, as I know there are some out there. Media Buying – Basically means buying traffic on websites and making a profit on the revenue. So it's pretty much paying for advertising. People know this already, just some have...
  2. Sunmoluvic

    Question about Crakrevenue smartlink

    Hello guys Ive been wondering if Crakrevenue smartlink also converts when someone pays through your link What I mean is that I've only seen the smartlink convert for PPL in my account, so I'm want to confirm if it also converts for PPS
  3. Ai Mati

    Looking for survey & sweepstakes offers.

    Please suggest me high payout & huge offers.Need advertiser or good network. we have available traffic. thank you.
  4. cpaadventure

    Where i will get Adult & Dating (PPL,PPS) Offer Advertisers ??

    I have Good quality US,UK,CA,AU,NZ Traffic.I have 3-4 years past experience in this field.Now my monthly earning 5000-10000$.I have huge traffic.But i need so Adult & Dating offers Advertisers.If anyone can help me.Please contact with me.