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  1. M

    What are the common PPC mistakes?

    PPC is not always my strong hand. What are the mistakes that I should avoid?
  2. L

    PPC Gambling Google ads accounts

    Hi, I'm a marketer with 10 years of experience in the display/video area and have been working for the top publishers as platform specialist with SSPs and DSPs. I haven't used google ads to buy and are looking at starting to run Affiliate marketing for casinos in different countries, I've done...
  3. Pureananda

    Diet Related Ads On Adwords. Any Experience?

    Dear BHW Members, I have seen some ads on google search ads about Diet/health(keto diet) related products. As far as I know, it's not allowed on adwords. Any idea how they are running these type of ads or how to run health/diet related ads on google adwords? One more question, How google...
  4. pcsup

    Pay Per Call Companies Based in Europe or Canada

    Does anyone know of any Pay per call companies bases in Europe or Canada ? Companies such : Marketcall. CJ Affiliate. Leads Market
  5. A

    about google adwords

    Hello friends I am new in this field I'm busy on the shows cpa I have a question please when I use ads on the Google Adwords Display Network Direct link does not match the tracking link When I asked about this topic they told me that you should create a landing page but I saw that some of the...
  6. M

    PPC Guy Wants To Get In To Affiliate Marketing

    Greetings! I'm a tech support ppc guy and want to get in to affiliate marketing now. Is here someone can consider me as an intern for everything affiliate marketing? Well, thanks in advance. Mehul
  7. A


    Is peerfly is good for PPC and if then how it ?
  8. A

    Which Network is best for beginner and easliy approved

    I need help about PPC network . I applied on many network but they all disapproved me . Any other way to get best network for beginner
  9. D

    PPC Ad networks for adult

    Hello guys, hope you're all having a great day? I have an adult blog but I'm having problems with monetizing it. All I have is affiliate links and I want to earn from PPC Ads. Which PPC Ad networks will be best for my adult website. P.S I'd pretty much appreciate if people who answer have...
  10. Drought

    Facebook Ads + Clickbank Journey to $10,000/month

    Hey all, Wanted to start this thread to document my journey using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers, mainly Clickbank products. A quick about me: I'm a a college student living in Boston, currently working an in-house marketing position over the summer at a super cool tech...