1. Landlerd

    Youtube and Wolf Fat

    During my youth in a small town in the Urals, they were preparing for the mayoral elections. There was one candidate from the opposition party who refused to listen to the regional leadership, did not withdraw his candidacy, and decided to fight to the end. The opposition candidate was a big...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    My router just got blasted and CPU got some smoke

    This shit happened just now After a sudden power fluctuation my router just got blasted and don't know what the fuck was happened My cpu was connected through ethernet and after a while i tried to turn on my cpu its not working This shit happened in this lockdown time And the worst thing I...
  3. The MOOK

    World's First Trillionaire

    I read somewhere that by the year 2050 the world will have seen its first trillionaire. Their net worth being almost twice the US annual defence budget, some think that this "person" would be considered an international threat. Hypothetically thinking how much power and influence do you think...
  4. cashpostam

    [LIFE METHOD] How you motivate yourself to work hard ? (About Ups and Downs in Life)

    Hi everybody When i will give answer to this question it will be : The main stream of motivation in my life is power of freedom and wealth ... So when i think for little how will think goes after succed in some idea God give me SuperPower ‍♂️ to dominate in all good times and to get back...
  5. A

    How much money are you making from instagram?

    Hey guys. Today I come with another question. How much money are you guys making from instagram? I just want to know what a typical account or multiple of accounts are making because I want to live a nomadic lifestyle with income from this. So basically I am making goals around it. Can a...
  6. A

    Questions about instagram SEO and making money

    Hi guys, Im a newbie and I'm currently in the process of getting my bank account sorted so i can get into this botting business. I want to make money off instagram and I have a few questions. I want to invest in 10-50 accounts for instagram. I have read the forums for answers and I Just need a...
  7. UniQuE7

    Thank you BHW I'm a eBay Powerseller!!!

    Just wanted to thank this incredible site for all that it does to user's like me and to anyone else grinding hard in order to achieve their goals!! Took me 4+ Years to slowly see results and build up my account from the ground up! And now with the help of some people here, I'm glad to say i...
  8. shaheen99

    site power tips

    hello, i want this post to be more open mind , i want you to share with everyone the factors that you like about a blog when you visit it , and can you give me tips about this one shaeen99.blogspot.com what i can do to make my site better for user thank you all
  9. tiiberius

    How To Stop Worrying About Using PBN - PERMANENTLY

    Below advice is for anyone who is serious about their PBN and long-term results/rankings. It is not about hiding your footprints, setup or design. None of that rubbish. Something far more powerful... A little history I've been doing PBNs for about 5 years now and made some nice returns using...
  10. W

    Greetings & respect to the BHW cummunity

    I hope for positive dialog teaching me new ways of the world as I will likewise will do my best to surprise positively best U all webzeo
  11. K

    Backlinks from free article submission sites - They have some power for my website?

    Hello, backlinks from free article submission sites have power? For example few websites: Examiner - PA:93, PR:8 Technorati - PA:94, PR:7 Thefreelibrary - PA: 86, PR:7 I asked this question, because these websites have a lot of articles and a lot of backlinks to other sites probably.
  12. 3

    Hey, If this catches your eye. Then read it.

    Most of the people who come across this thread are going to think it brought them to some source of money. Well.... not quite, but information. Well... not really... But I just felt like posting something. Because I was completely bored. So anybody have any information on...
  13. B

    POWER of FACEBOOK --> bring down a billion dollar company

    so a i have been running circles behind the phone company AirTel for months now... and it is worth a few billion dollars today. the largest network in india. today i got really mad so ruined their facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/AirtelIndia?sk=wall wasted six hours but i took the...
  14. Essence19

    Need a partner - to help push my product

    I Have been working on a success product for over 1 year now,as of yesterday it is complete. This forum has given me alot of ideas over the years and its a great place for young minds so I thought I would come here first. I need to partner with someone who knows how to push a big...
  15. M

    Power Twitter

    Hi.guys, this is my first post,,twitter now allows video, images, ect..got the free POWER TWITTER plug in yesterday and ive posted images from flicker etc on to twitter,,videos from sales pages are show on your twitter stream,,,,the free link is here...
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