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  1. RingAdvantage

    Facebook Groups & Marketplace Posters Needed!!

    Hello I am looking to hire someone who can post items related to my niche in facebook groups like local city groups in the usa where people are buying and selling items, and to post to marketplace aswell. You will need to be able to forward or reply to people as they ask for more info. I will...
  2. hfinfo

    Looking for a ad poster

    Hi guys I'm looking for someone who can post ads on backpage , craiglist or cityvibe ( Adult Section ) . Its a long term daily task , if anyone interested can skpye me at [email protected] Payment mode is PayPal or Skrill
  3. E

    Backpage Poster

    Hi, I need a backpage poster/posting solution. I need to post in 10 different cities in United States. All my problems with my backpage ads started 1 month ago. Until February I was able to post without any problems.. including paid ads (paid directly on backpage with bitcoin). Since 15th of...
  4. E

    Your account has been temporarily locked we’ve detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account

    Hi, So I have around 35 different Facebook accounts, a mixture of aged and non aged, each account runs adverts in between 40 - 140 different groups per day. I am using Ninja Blaster. There are 9 different adverts that run in these accounts, with only 2 accounts running the same advert each day...
  5. sheldon911

    Classified Ads Poster

    Looking to hire some one to post on popular classified ads page in different cities. Not sure if i can mention name of the website here as some sites do not allow it. Would like to do a short run of 15-20 post's to see results . If results are good then will do weekly. Advertisement post...
  6. P

    wanted a CL poster

    I am looking for a poster to post adds on Craigslist in the housing sections. We supply the Jpegs and info for the adds you just get the adds up and help keep our phones ringing. pay per add or call depending on your ability.... money to be made if you can get adds up,
  7. H

    Browser that allows for proxy posting on CL?

    Hey folks, I've been searching online for this, and couldn't find the answer, so I figured I'd try it out here. I want to be able to post CL ads for a car dealership in my city, but I won't always be in the city. I did some searching online and found a service that does CL posting for car...
  8. Couch Monkey Media

    PVA's Good or Bad What next

    Ok so in the world of posting to craigslist we all know that we now need PVA?s and a lot of them. This then brings up a question of who is the best source of getting PVA?s. Well that?s what this post is about. I have bought several PVA?s from suppliers on BHW plus made my own PVA?s...
  9. Couch Monkey Media

    Lets take on Craigslist

    I have a classified site that I started over a year ago but did not finish setting everything up. take a look here Why not a group of us finish something like this and then push it out to the web and take on the big boy. Make is FREE...
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