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PVA's Good or Bad What next

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by CenTex Hosting, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Ok so in the world of posting to craigslist we all know that we now need PVA?s and a lot of them. This then brings up a question of who is the best source of getting PVA?s. Well that?s what this post is about.
    I have bought several PVA?s from suppliers on BHW plus made my own PVA?s.
    Something that I have started to notice here with in the last few months is that Craigslist is now pinging numbers to make sure they are still working numbers.
    Now on my PVA?s I have created The lines are still good and they are my office numbers. And out of the 10 I made all of them except two got a second call from craigslist.
    These 10 were made on the same day that I bought 10 PVA from 4 other providers. All 40 of these accounts went dead with in the first 23 days. I have no way of tracking weather CL called these numbers or not. But seeing that most of what I made was called the chances are good that these were called and shut down after the call.
    This brings up the big question who is the best seller of pva? If you buy them from a provider some are using trump lines to create. Some are using black hat methods off posting ads to cl. Some get new accounts before they are released.
    So the odds add up that no matter who you buy them from about 80% will go bad with in the first 30 days. IMO

    Love to hear feedback.

    Yes I know I am not the best writer in the world.