1. Vypos

    Just a quick peek at how some keyword play jumped 20 positions in Google

    Hi, just a quick post. I feel like I want to show you this. Some days ago, I found good keyword in my search console. So I just edited my article, added 6 keywords and some synonyms. Added the keyword to slug and alt images and some headings. Pretty much 10 minute work. So, what happened...
  2. D

    Need Suggestion: Best way to separate two keywords in YT title

    Dear BHW Members. I'm targeting 2 keywords for my daily YT videos like Today Astrology, Daily Horoscope So can i create Video Titles 6 March 2019 | Today Astrology | Daily Horoscope 6 March 2019 Today Astrology and Daily Horoscope 6 March 2019 Today Astrology & Daily Horoscope Today...
  3. Mikelon

    Tool to see evolution in the Serps?

    Hi, Could you help me to choose a tool that will help me to see position of my keywords and that of my competition in the serps? I can see that there are several tools of this type, but I would like to know your opinion. Thanks,
  4. R

    When will I get stabilized rankings? No google dance?

    My almost all keywords are ranking on the first page but none of the keywords stays on its position. When I google my keyword some time my site shows some time disappeared. however, a position never changes is so, only a little bit. But the main thing my site shows only few time not always. I...
  5. C

    Switch 2 websites position

    I have two websites at the same topic. The website A is ranking at the 1. position with most of my keywords. The website B is ranking at the 2. position with most of my keywords. The two websites are linking each other at their homepages. I would like to switch the positions of the two sites...
  6. rocks11111

    linkmanagemnet any good ?

    I came across link management , thay claim top 10 positions and traffic amount ? Is there any one who has worked with them , though i saw some reviews on their website they look doubtfull .
  7. cycoshas

    Lost 18% Organic Traffic

    I just lost 18% organic traffic , And its sudden I try to track lost keyword from semrush , but Semrush reveals previous position of all lost keyword was above 30 in google And present position is now 0 . how that's possible .... its very rare to get traffic from fourth page of Google Can...
  8. J

    Instagram API - user position

    Hello everbody, I am trying to figure out how to translate user position x y coordinates to a real place. Example: {"data":{"type":"image","users_in_photo":[{"user":{"username":"kevin","full_name":"Kevin S","id":"3","profile_picture":"..."},"position":{"x":0.315,"y":0.9111} What can I do...
  9. xTiger

    HUGE Position drop because of Backlink's URL change?

    Hi, I will try to explain my situation here the best i can, maybe some of you similar with it and know how to help. So for the last year i had a keyword SERP between #1 ~ #3 steady. Recently it dropped to #22 for the first time in one year The only significant thing that happened recently was...
  10. danytop

    Fast white hat Seo ??

    Hey dudes i search for fast way for get better position in google my new site is not between top 100 with chooses keywords :(:( :( i created backlink and submitted in Directories please Help me to get better position :(
  11. pierz

    Rank checker free and open source

    Hi, Let me introduce serposcope, a free and open source rank checker. You can install this software on your local machine, on a dedicated server (best) or a shared hosting. This rank checker can check your position on Google and support local search for doing search from a specific...
  12. StartupHat

    Good strategy to use multiple domains to position a main site?

    Hi, I want to position a new site which will be selling a service (no advertising) and targeting 10 keywords. But I also own 7 good domains that each one include in the name 1 or 2 of the keywords I want to target. My question is if it would be a good strategy to use this 7 domains and focus...
  13. sn0rt

    Tips For Improving Adwords' Avg. Position

    As we all know, our Ads' goal in AdWords is to take the first slot. Share some tricks and tips on how to rank as high as possible in AdWords' Avg. Position in our ad campaign. Reps and Thanks Given for each share..
  14. cnn8193

    Anyone knows how to improve TripAdvisor index_?

    Hi, i am running a restaurant right now and we have got the position number 2 on TripAdvisor. What everyone is looking for is the number 1 off course. Do you have any clue how could I increase the ranking_? Is it safe to leave fake positive reviews using fake accounts through proxies...
  15. G

    Alternative to SeeUrank anyone?

    Hi, Does anyone know an efficient alternative to Yooda SeeUrank? I need to check the performance of a website (multi country and multi themed) who's structure is not compatible with Yooda projects. The only solution they gave me was to change all the URLs which read: theme.domain/country/...
  16. F

    Question about google positioning

    BHW Hello community. Today I want to express a doubt about the positioning of google ... way to tell what happens to me .. I have my site being www.xxxxx.net, right? The situation occurs when I search with the keyword of the page and my website is located at 5th pagination in G.com... Now...
  17. V

    How do you track your rankings / position?

    Hi, I?d like to know how you guys track your ranking for your various keywords every day. Of course one can check their positions manually, but that?s rather time consuming. I know of one software (Rank Tracker) but at 100$ a pop it?s a bit expensive. Any ideas ? Vincent
  18. L

    Need help at positioning nr 1

    Dear everyone, I need help by improving my position on Google. I tried a few techniques, but any of them has yet to work.. I have a almost 6 months old blog now, with over 30 unique articles. The keyword I?m targeting only has 129.000 results and approx 40.000 searches every month. My main...
  19. donjuan

    Whats the best serps position checker/tracker?

    List the program or site that you use to check and track your position in the various search engines for your keywords. I really want a good one, I recently signed up for exactfactor.com but after their initial check you have to wait a week for them to check again even if you add additional...
  20. SERPreach

    EzineArticles - Article Ranked But Now Penalized??? Need Help please

    Hello everyone... I need your help, I don't know what has happened to my article. I submitted an article on ezinearticles on "achieve multiple male orgasm". After the approval of article it came on 4th position of the google and then the ranking improves and it got 3rd position. After I saw my...
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