pop ups

  1. K

    Can someone recommend `Botless` pop up traffic?

    Hi there, I have been using pop up ads for my adult website for years now. Recently I noticed tons of shameless fake bot traffic coming from allegedly reputable ad networks. TL:DR > Can someone here recommend from first-hand experience a pop ap or PPC network that has relatively clean...
  2. KingMatt

    Popups - how long after the user visits your site and wordpress plugin of choice

    Hi everyone, When adding a popup to your site, say to collect email addresses as commonly used by most marketers to build their lists - how long after a user visits your site do you usually deliver the popup? Neil Patel's research found that 5 seconds was the optimum time but this is the only...
  3. F

    Is this against adsense TOS?

    I didn't see this for quite a while on some site, which is monetised via adsense. Can i have pop up window when someone moves their mouse towards closing the window/page ?
  4. M

    Need to make popunder on website.

    Need someone to help me make popunder on wordpress website. What i want: Basically when some one click on any part of the page of the site it will popunder. ( not popup ) If you have/know the plugin or code ready PM me. Thanks PS: Must have extensive experienced. PPS: Have tried popunder...
  5. ShabbySquire

    Recommend a decent Wordpress pop up plugin?

    Looking around for a decent WP pop up plugin, and am looking for any recommendations. The pop up plugin needs to feature: rotating ads with stats (important); various triggers, i.e. mouse out, scroll to bottom, timer; able to embed YT vids and email opt-in forms; (not crucial) various...
  6. M

    I Need Some Advertising/Publishing Advice

    I have a few "free web hosting" domains. Lots of traffic. > 500,000 plus sub-domains & domains. Until recently I used Adsense... They were demanding pricks and other than lost revenue I'm not unhappy to have been 'BOOTED' But now I got a big problem. With Adsense I just threw their...
  7. D

    how to create something like cash gopher

    Hi, i am interested to find out how to start something like www.cashgopher.com I need to find a pounder network that i could sign this up with. Thanks
  8. 7

    How to stop popup ads on a free hosting?

    Hi everyone - I am a free hosting junkie. Anyway, I have this free hosting that I like to use (it's in another country), but it is useless to me if I cannot stop the popups from ruining my sites. Can I use some technique (all my sites are in wordpress) to stop the pop ups? Hope I made sense...
  9. Panique

    What is best paying company for popups and popunders

    As the title is saying what is the best company for popups and popunders. Looking for a good paying and reliable company. Please share your opinions.
  10. F

    pop-up an associated CPA offer to maximize incom

    Hi, I want to start out in CPA because I'm tired of the very low payouts from google adsense, the autoblogging software that I'm currently using allows me to pop-up an associated CPA offer each time a visitor visits my blog, i would like to know if this is legal, i have going trough some offers...
  11. K

    Auto Link Launcher

    Is there a script that could launch pop up or pop under pages when a visitor enters a certain website. Or clicks on a link. I want to place my ad banner codes in it. So when a user clicks on a link, its like he's clicking on a couple of ads on my site and those pages pop up or under. and the...
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