Popups - how long after the user visits your site and wordpress plugin of choice


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Nov 4, 2014
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Hi everyone,

When adding a popup to your site, say to collect email addresses as commonly used by most marketers to build their lists - how long after a user visits your site do you usually deliver the popup?

Neil Patel's research found that 5 seconds was the optimum time but this is the only research I have found so far and was interested to hear the experiences of other experienced marketers. Do you delay your popups at all?

On a side note - what is your preferred WordPress popup plugin of choice? (If you use one). I've yet to find one that has worked smoothly with my sites

Thank-you for your time, I hope you are all busy
most site owners find now with popup blockers that the approach is pretty useless nowadays. I don't use them myself as they annoy and people just close them without looking at them ( Those that are not blocked ). That being said you could try Ninja Popups for WordPress if you want to go down that road
There are so many mixed views about popups. A common reply is that you will get is that they're annoying to visitors. But as studies have shown, sometimes annoying works - at least for some people who are just looking to up their subscriber count. But with popups you never really know if it was a "pressured" subscriber who will just add dead weight to your list - or was it a subscriber who really wanted to opt in. So in my opinion, there really needs to be deeper monitoring and more tracking of user engagement to really determine if popups are truly effective. That said, if I was going to use popups, then I might do it with something like a 30 second delay. At least this way I'll know that it was a visitor who had some level of interest in my site being that they hung for at least 30 seconds.
Yea when using them about 7-12 seconds or so, or up to 60 seconds. Though it works extremely well, google does not like them at all and might hurt rankings. If using bh techniques/dont care google, email popups the best. for whitehat its best to add a module that makes it so when a user clicks the sign up button thats when the optin form shows. Google loves that.
I use thriveleads, a fantastic plugin. It also has built in a/b testing and statistics. you can test different forms against eachother as well as different triggers. For example, whether showing the popup converts better at 30 seconds or 60 seconds. When/if someone leaves, or scrolls to a certain part of the page etc.
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