pop under

  1. J

    Looking for popunder specialist

    Hi! I'm looking for adult popunder specialist. I'm a newbie in this ad format and need an advice/consultation. Please PM me and we will discuss the price.
  2. sinner82

    Any affiliate network you know which pays for video ads ?

    Hello BHW recently I was browsing internet over VPN to check trending ads etc. and got one pop with video on it with ads in it, well video was casual mainstream stuff, but with few ads in it :) Landing page was either made by affiliate network or by user didn't fixed at that pint for myself...
  3. gettinthere

    Popunder scripts that work in 2020? (&/or Wordpress pop under plugin?)

    Does anybody know of any popunder scripts that are working in 2020? Pops that pop under, rather than over! Thanks :)
  4. skynex66

    My PTP / Pop Traffic, Your Monetization

    If you are having difficulty buying traffic at verry low price and you have good converting landingpages / offers this maybe the JV for you. Traffic is from POP, PTC, PTP and other sources I can send sample of traffic for 24 hours after that I would be looking for a 50/50 split of the profits...
  5. A

    Google Chrome Blocking Popup Ads for 'Misleading or Intrusive'

    Hey guys a couple days ago one of our sites got flagged for misleading or intrusive ads. I've asked a couple people in the industry and they're saying that they've been flagged for the same thing. However sites like 'pornhub' still serve popup ads. Any idea on how we can bypass this new update...
  6. MartonB

    What are some Good Pop-ups networks?

    Hello, guys just looking out for any other good network with reasonable CPM rates, I have tried Adsterra it's totally impressions fraud And Revenuehits which I don't recommend anyone to work with them, it's very bad for publishers.
  7. Harnur

    Is there Anyone Who Advertises On Propeller Ads?

    1. Shud i spend my propeller ads budget evenly across the day or spend it in standard manner? 2. Shud i focus on retargeting? 3. Is it okay if i made changes to my landing page after my campaign gets approved/active by their system...will I get by? (If the changes don't comply with their guidelines)
  8. Harnur

    How do i Target Mac Users?

    My offer converts only for Mac users. Which advertising platforms other than pop/pop-under/native allows targeting based on OS type. Thanks.
  9. T

    I need some pop under traffic to improve my product? Any advice for a freshman?

    I need some pop under traffic to improve my product? Any advice for a freshman?
  10. shafideaf

    Experience Display CPM, Native CPM, Pop Under and Audience Advertising?

    Before I deposited $25 but not convert for me! Did you experience Display CPM, Native CPM, Pop Under and Audience Advertising Before? if you know or experience and answer me!
  11. MuDiab

    Traffic Spirit ( English Jingling )

    Is enabling Popups in Traffic Spirit works for pop up and pop under networks if am enabling them on my website?
  12. A

    Pop Under or banner will be best ?

    if i use pop under or banner ads for adult leads generation which will be best for CPA offers?
  13. tophi

    Google doomday popup ads 10 Jan. 2017

    I read a few things here and there last couple of weeks saying that on 10 Jan. 2017 google will officially punish websites showing popups, because they are annoying for the end user. I personally have never used popups aggressive on my website, if I use them I limit to 1 popup/under for...
  14. enallaradioviral

    I want a javascript unblockable popunder .

    I want chrome unblockable popunder javascript code .. Developers give prices to start i want on click to pop under window with cookie for an hour.. So i want every our to open the popunder and not get blockef by chrome Pop under AND NOT POP UP
  15. S

    Would buy for pop unders, well converting landing page/script

    Hello BHW. I would buy an script or package of high quality engaging landing page , which well converts on pop unders in English language. Demo required , payment Paypal.
  16. soa0611

    Need advice! Anybody knows exactly - is it safe for SEO if i add pop under ads except AdSense units?

    Hey, anybody had experience with SERPs dropping while starting using pop-unders? Now i have adsense units on my website, and thinking of adding some additional monetization sources. I am going to use PropellerAds pop under ads but i am not sure - will Google like this? Or drop my website...
  17. Mad Ryder

    Hi, m new here, but m hiring, guys who got tons of traffic or who can generate leads

    Hi, I am looking to hire guys who can get me english speaking geo traffic or generate leads.
  18. G

    I need legit traffic providers, who is perfect to deal longer

    Let me know if someone professional here to deliver legit real human traffic with geo. I am looking forward for long term business here. Let me know
  19. K

    Pop under network $5 payout All sites accepted Join now

    CPMcity.com Hello fellow blackhatters! Im the owner/admin/support/cleaner/coffer maker at cpmcity. We are currently looking for publishers with adult and non adult traffic. We serve pop under traffic at pay well for all traffic with 100% fill rate so you earn from every visitor who see's our...
  20. Hilltopads

    Selling mobile/display popunder traffic on CPM basis! Huge volumes and fair rates, get it now!

    Have a chance to get high quality traffic, either mobile or desktop (popunder/banner) ! Get quality traffic for your campaigns with more than 10M impressions per day! Here are our volumes by geo: US United States - 9.56M DE Germany - 5.91M GB United Kingdom - 2.47M IT Italy - 2.13M FR France -...
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