1. zeenous

    What do you think of electric vehicles?

    What do you think of them? and explain why you think that way Do you think they're here to stay? will they overtake normal cars? I personally don't like cars that have too much tech in them they are too unreliable and are destined to break down Meanwhile a hunk of steel that runs on gas will...
  2. castoro

    [Riddle me this] [POLL] Category in URL for additional KW or not?

    Really hope this poll of mine attracts more voters than the last one :suspicious: :D Sooooo... let's say that: I want to create a site about cooking and recipes (NOTE: the real topic is not cooking) the domain is cookingideas.com (NOTE: the real domain is not this one) I'm NOT interested in...
  3. Lord Hec


    I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to test my titles with real users on the internet. The reason why I don't want to do it on my community tab poll is someone may steal my idea it has happened before.
  4. JohnKowalski

    What stablecoin to choose? - Poll

    Hey Which stablecoin and why would you recommend to hold your crypto in order to avoid huge volatility?
  5. R

    How many languages do you speak?

    Post the languages here if you'd like to.
  6. R4v3nbl4ck

    Who would you choose?

    Let say you are a freelance professional or own a small company, but you're not tech-savvy. You don't have a website, you don't know how to build one and you're not aware of marketplaces such as BHW. Both a freelance web designer and a full web agency contact you asking if you need a website...
  7. litemere

    Why Choose Cyberpanel over cPanel?

    Good Day Fellow BlackHatWorld Members, Several months ago I switch from cPanel to Cyberpanel on one of my servers and it is by far the best choice of the Year I have made! Cyberpanel is not only free, it is lightweight and has everything you need without the bloat and price tag of cPanel. I...
  8. ReqTheHat

    PragerU or The Gravel Institute

    So, for those of you who don't know, PragerU is a conservative think tank that is funded by Dennis Prager and backed by libertarian billionaires, the Koch brothers. They create short-form videos on various topics with an inherent conservative bias. As an example, they literally did a video about...
  9. G

    Poll: The services you buy the most on BHW?

    Hi, Would love to know more about the purchasing habits of fellow members.
  10. Billy Batts

    For the absolute WordPress Newbies, would you be interested in a tutorial thread by me?

    A while back someone on bhw asked me to create a WP tut/guide and I wrote the beginning but kinda got demotivated as it feels I'm stuck on BHW progress but thought about it again and why not. If enough people are interested I'll continue the tutorial. It will require $0. Uhm, what about...
  11. ggvbro

    help with Quiz plugin Snax pls?

    Hey guys, I'm on Wordpress plateform i'm trying to create some quizes for my website with Snax Plugin on (that you get when u install bimber theme), but when i finish a test poll and i post it it doesn't appear on my webpage can someone help me with this please? Thanks in advance.
  12. word

    What part of the world are you from?

    If this poll has been done before I couldn't find it so here we go!
  13. prey24

    what my bros are going to do on Valentines day?

    Just a little poll to know the plans for the upcoming "love is in the air" day
  14. cheetahsop

    How to win a poll in a closed group

    There is a survey in a closed group. You have to join the group first and then you can vote. For now, we operate with advertising and a competition in exchange for votes, but the competition shows that it uses bots, is it possible?
  15. pj777777

    Best quiz generator to collect emails

    Looking to build an email list via social media quizzes. Any recommendations for script generators preferably that hook up to integromat/ zapier. Thanks guys Pj
  16. Tecnoloquitos

    Facebook poll votes good payment

    Hello, I need 9k votes on a facebook poll there's 3 days left I can pay good good money Thanks!
  17. mr.y

    [Poll] How much time did it take you to succeed in IM (a future research)?

    Hey guys. This is a general question. I would like to know the average time it takes for people to succeed in IM. I have an idea to make an analysis of the data and make some graphs out of it, for example, finding the connection between the number of posts and time of success (to prove it is...
  18. rafadefine

    I need people to test the voting system. $100 free - twitter poll

    I created a voting system for Twitter, I need users to test. I'll add 5usd free to the 20 firsts so I can do the tests. If all goes well, I'll leave it as cheap as possible. Soon I will add RT and LIKE
  19. T

    Is POD business still profitable?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering... Despite being saturated, is the Print on Demand still profitable in your opinion? Thank you for your input!
  20. Tecnoloquitos

    paying 200$ for 1000 facebook poll votes

    The delivery time is 12 hours or so Can anyone provide this service??
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