1. CFE Social Chris


    Hey everyone, I have creeped on this site for years when I just ran automation for random clients but I recently got a BIG contract for a politician (I cannot name who it is) and I will be on this forum a lot. I am excited to meet you all and hopefully we can help each other out! I will most...
  2. predator1988@

    Politics news help!

    Hi all I am planning to start a blog about politics. Can someone give me some instructions how to work with this niche. I have experience in health niche but not in news so I need some advises. Thanks in advance
  3. Renfield-Files

    New Journey on Political Blogs

    Good Morning ppl! Im running a couple of new blogs about US elections 2020. Both AdSense approved and running. Im starting up with 30 posts each blog: one pro-Trump and the other one anti-Trump. My BREXIT blog (Very Dramatic) brought me very good earnings from AdSense but also from orgs...
  4. Borstal Boy

    Binary options affiliate programme in the news

    I see binaryaffiliates.com is in the news today as being a site that was once run by the brother of the Tory party Treasurer. He says it was a total failure. Anyone have any dealings with them?
  5. the gent

    What type of CPA offers will work!!

    Hi Guys, As the title said, what Type of some CPA offers will work with a Politics site? Thanks for suggestion!
  6. doddyreddy

    Cracking the Methodology used by Cambridge Analytica (AKA Psychometric Targeted Digital Marketing)

    Cambridge Analytica uses Data to change Audience Behavior. Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was created in 2013 as an offshoot of its British parent company SCL Group to...
  7. C

    Expand on this successful method?

    Hello all, I recently read this post from another BHW member. In it he describes his method to getting fb likes: Decide on a Canadian or American topic your interested in. I'm interested in politics, so I started a Politics page, it's only worth it if your fans are North American, because...
  8. Dominick DeCocco

    Hello there (aspiring political news blogger)

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the BHW community. I've always wanted to make a news site geared towards news and specifically news that has to do with politics. I know I'm a little late given the fact that the US elections are over, but I feel like the party is just getting started. I am definitely...
  9. Q

    Scraping YouTube as a Political Research Project

    So I dabble in political commentary for entertainment, but am always looking for a way to monetize, and I think I have an idea that might be a good one. I don't know if BHW has a "no politics" rule, but many forums do, so I'll try to sanitize the post as best I can, and make it just about...
  10. thatotherguy

    What do you think of my pin?

    Question do you election season I have been trying to come up with political drawings. Try to make them go a little viral for example here is one I had made. http://pinterest.com/pin/59813501271326317/ Tell me what you think? I need some ideas for more images to have draw. Anyone have ideas? I...
  11. Bostoncab

    Do you support the Black hat political party?

    O.k. there is not such thing as the black hat party yet.. But if there is anyone out there who would like to help out a black hat regular with his political campaign make a donation below. You can even use PAYPAL...
  12. non-prophet

    Need to get the mayor out of office :)

    Ok, we have 4 more years or so of the currently elected mayor ruining our city. Literally... ruining it. I would like to get a head start manipulating the next election... any good ideas? I was going to start with a cl ad compaign based on this: real estate: All of our cities public...
  13. M

    Scott Brown Greyhattin' during the Election?

    http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/01/19/how-scott-brown-used-google-to-get-results-in-mass-election/ Hey man, people went nuts that Obama had a blackberry and didn't refer to Google as "the Google". But looks like Scott Brown might've had some SEO advice for his campaign. The first of its kind...
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