1. I

    [Journey] Etsy Stealth Accounts To 5k Per Month

    Hi, This Thread is to share ideas and keep my self motivated First I'm From a 3rd World Country (an ineligible country on Etsy) and I managed to find a method To Create Etsy Stealth accounts with anti-detect browsers, proxies... etc I already have 6 accounts and they are with verified id...
  2. ErealBoss

    [ESTY]: ASK ME Anything Q&A ($$ Methods, Tricks $$$, etc)

    Hi everyone, I've been selling on Etsy for about 7 year...and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm happy to help, I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. But first, here's a little summary, ...let's cover the basic to get everyone on the same page: ETSY The Good: Unique...
  3. John1948

    I'm here looking for a merch by Amazon account

    A few years ago, I had a Merch by Amazon account which was suspended due to inactivity because I fell ill. I've tried to reengage with them, but only received automated responses that they don't review suspended accounts. I'm now considering as a last resort, purchasing an existing account or...
  4. Tony Soprano

    [Journey] Build a profitable POD Brand with $200 Budget.

    This is already my second Journey, my first thread is on hold until I have some money for it. Background Bankrupt and got back to my parent's home. From making 3/4k a month to literally zero per month. Managed to save a little bit of money to start again, $200 is all I have. Plan I found a...
  5. R

    Etsy Journey - FROM ZERO TO 10K

    This is my first journey on this forum. My goal is to acheive 10k from today to march 2023 selling tshirts and Hoodies on Etsy. This is my plan: - Search for easy Tshirts designs that I'm able to clone in Amazon Teespring Redbubble... - Post 20 design weekly to etsy. - Design the tshirt when...
  6. Tony Soprano

    [Journey] to $2K Profite a month with POD Store + Free Traffic.

    Hello BHW, I have been lurking on this forum for many years now. I have had my account on here for years and have just now decided to start getting active. I have read a lot of threads on this forum that have really opened my eyes to IM and have inspired me to start my own journey this time. By...
  7. GodAlmighty

    looking for POD service

    Hi guys on the hunt for a POD service that I can just upload an image, and it will show up on all products they have, on their marketplace or what not. without me needing to choose manually which items to create and edit them and all that bs... any suggestions? preferably one with API support...
  8. SeedPhrase

    [WTH] Illustrator Expert

    I am looking for an Illustrator Expert for a hoodie/sweatshirt print design. DM me your previous work samples or portfolio (DM only if you are free and start work right away) payment will be discussed in DM.
  9. whywork

    WhyWork´s PRINT ON DEMAND 1-2-3 Full Service ⭐ End 2022 With A Bang ⭐ All You Need To Run Your Own Business

    CONTACT ME THROUGH SKYPE OR BHW https://join.skype.com/invite/sLbIbjbRoRvp CRYPTO PAYMENTS ONLY
  10. TheGameChanger

    Is POD still worth it in 2022?

    Hello BHW family, I hope you're doing well! I have some questions concerning print on demand, I tested it before around 2018-19 with Merch by Amazon and KDP, I made some pocket money and was going steadily until I got my amazon account shut down since I violated their policies working...
  11. seojen

    Printful.com best Alternative for POD

    I saw a couple of guys on Youtube preaching how they source T-shirts from Printful and sell on Etsy. But when I compared prices on both sites they are quite similar. What do you guys think about how they manage to make any profit?
  12. MikeX93

    How much would you price a course?

    Hey there! I'm about to start advertising a course on the marketplace and I'm thinking of an optimal price. About: Etsy Print on Demand Quality: Decent (I'm a 6 figure seller, I know what works quite well) Length: 1 hour I'd appreciate your answers (based on personal experience if possible)...
  13. O

    What is your best facebook group?

    tell me about your best Facebook group, cause i have a new idea that i think is a very interesting one that will help people
  14. sanators

    Have some cash to invest, but unsure about services

    Hi, So I have been reading threads about people selling their courses or their packages for business, as full website...or dropshipping, print on demand, reselling stuff and so on.. I had myself in the past a few (unsuccessful) dropshipping and print on demand websites and I had to drop them...
  15. N

    Looking for private engagment group for Instagram/IG client?

    Looking for a private engagement group for an Instagram/IG client, thanks!
  16. N

    Anyone Here Who Checks If Your Redbubble Shop Is Google Indexed Or Not?

    Hey guys. I just found this search operator ( site:redbubble.com inurl:YOUR SHOP NAME ) on YouTube. If you copy and paste it on the google search box and put your store name after "inurl" without using any space then you can see if your shop or products are indexed on Google or not. I searched...
  17. Osemvzegta

    POD platforms ON-SITE Seo is shit!

    Print on demand Guru's :mad:, they never told people the Truth! If you're not ready to buy or build these quality links for your DAMN SHOP :mad:using social media, forums... buyers will never find your designs no matter how good they are !!! That's it from the beginning, easy as that ...But...
  18. Osemvzegta

    Can I track someone else's website traffic?

    Hello, As I mentioned in the thread title, can I track someone else's website traffic? I want IN-SITE stats about the traffic, and the reason for that is because I have a lot of information about where they come from I used keyword planner and I have an idea about what they are typing into...
  19. UnusualSubstance

    Add a Print On Demand subsection

    I know we have a dropshipping section so how about we add a pod section as well? I was reading quite a few POD journey's, which prompted me to suggest it lol. What do you fellas think?
  20. Osemvzegta

    Print on demand :25 sales generated +20$ profit on Redbubble und Spreadshirt!

    Hello there, I've been following some POD gurus a few months ago, To be honest, some of the tips and tricks and tools that have been shared by them did work for me... It's worth sharing on this forum, despite the small amount of profit which is below 50 dollars! -188 Designs -Only 30 days of...
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