1. Alex1004

    Plugin Wordpress untuk video player / streaming video

    I need advice. I use WordPress for themes: DooPlay WordPress theme I create an adult content website what I need now is the name of a WordPress plugin that is suitable for adult content websites I really appreciate the information you provided. Sorry, my English is bad.
  2. ContentWriter

    Best Plug-in for Price List

    I would like to ask for your suggestions for a plug-in that would work greatly on my WP site. Thanks in advance! Phoebe
  3. freshaero

    How to autopost my Tweets on a facebook fan page

    Hi all, I would like to know how I can autopost my tweets to my facebook fan page. Thanks in advance for your help, FreshA
  4. GlobalP

    FREE WordPress Plugins

    Thought I would share a list of free WordPress plugins I have come to use on a regular basis. Plugins you can get ALL FOR FREE and use! Platinum-seo-pack wordpress*org/extend/plugins/platinum-seo-pack/ Google Sitemap Generator wordpress*org/extend/plugins/simple-google-sitemap-xml/...
  5. Abercrombie

    A wordpress plugin that creates something like expandable information menu: HAVE EXAMPLE!!

    Something like this: Any ideas?
  6. D

    Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger for WP - possible problem

    Is anyone else using this WP plugin? If so, I have a question. I'm a little concerned about something in the pinging logs for this plugin. I'm uploading a ton of future dated content to my blogs via Caffeinated Content. My concern is that when I run C.C., if I go and look at the ping...
  7. Abercrombie

    Wordpress: Forced Register After X Amount Of Page Views?

    No I don't have this plugin, but I know that it exists somewhere because I have seen it in use. This plugin does exactly what the title states. Someone visits your blog and after a predetermined amount of page/post views, they are prompted to sign up for membership before they can see/do...
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