plr article

  1. L

    Presell on VSL Pages

    Guys, to advertise on Face Ads do you place some kind of presell before the VSL page?
  2. the stifler

    did the fountain run dry? This may worry you in the very near future...

    having a hard time finding PLR for premature ejaculation, does anyone have some sources where I can find more products in this niche?
  3. Jimmy McCavern

    PLR: Quiz or presell? Need help.

    Hello guys. My VSL is at 22% engagement but people are giving up and leaving the landing page by the time the pitch starts, I believe the character's story may be underdeveloped (and I'm working on that), and I also believe my audience is a little disqualified. Do you think I should do a quiz...
  4. pikachulembo

    PLR Articles For SEO?

    Hello, I want to know if PLR Articles are good for SEO blogs? By the way, when I check this content I find it unique 100%
  5. S

    1 M Free Plr Articles + Wordai

    Hello Friends I have More than +1m Articles From Plr Articles And It`s Free To Use.. I Rewrite The Contents In Wordai And I Correct False Grammar And Such as Things ... At The Final I Get A Unique Content and it looks like a quality content.. I Do This Because I`m Not Good In English Language...
  6. gaming king

    I need Tons Of PLR Product for Free

    I saw some sites providing PLR products for license... I'm new to IM I don't have a 1 dollar to buy a license... Any God-Level Or Vip IM. Give Link to Mega PLR packs... I make money with those PLR contents. need article must... I searched in BHW I got some thread but all links are broken or not...
  7. Ssingh

    YouTube Experts - Need suggestion regarding new YouTube Policies

    Hi guys, I have a four year old channel which had few videos with around 1k subscribers. Wasn't uploading new content for nearly three years now. Met few old colleagues and started making and publishing videos from plr articles. Need suggestion regarding videos and monetization. "is it okay to...
  8. The Curator

    Best PLR site for the money?

    I'm looking to get some guides that I can offer as add-on's for sales or as a lead magnet to increase optin subscribers - what site has the best content value for the money for PLR content products? Appreciate any replies!
  9. Arpit malhotra

    Selling high quality plr articles.

    I'm selling high quality plr articles for cheap on almost every niche. They are 100% original and copyscape passed. PM me if you want..
  10. Arpit malhotra

    Where should i sell my plr articles,videos and audi?

    Any proper marketplaces to sell them? I have 1000 pre-written plr articles etc. I want to sell them. Suggest me some ways please.
  11. anic21

    From Where To Get Fresh PLR Content ?

    Hi I want purchase some fresh PLR content for my blog network. Anybody knows where i can get fresh PLR content for cheap. Thank you
  12. bihguy

    Should I give away PLR articles

    I have written a few articles on health, my own words. So I have been thinking to give some of them away. With ShareCash or any other PPD site, I want to make money as well, and 5 minutes to complete an offer is better than $5. How long do I have to keep the offer up and how many should I give...
  13. N

    i need plr article for recipe website

    Hi I am in creating a Food recipe website. I am not interested in creating original content. So like to go for PLR articles. I searched for Food recipe plr article but not getting it properly. can someone help me to get PLR articles on Food Recipe niche. Thanks in advance
  14. S

    Selling PLR Articles or Spin Ready Articles

    I have many good articles. I'd like to rewrite them and sell them online. Even offer spin-ready {contents|articles}. Does anyone know the know-how or where I can sell my articles on various topics?
  15. K

    Autoblogging I Have Done -Modify Wordpress Autopost Everytime I Want, and I Got the Bucks

    Hi BHW This my first thread for maybe 3 month I join. First, I'm newbie and my english is bad. Second, I'm lazy, but I love blog. Third, I love you all bhw member. Here I want to share about my experience with "autoblogging" I love wordpress for autoblogging. So many plugin and software...
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