1. Fam

    Download all PDFs from an APP

    It's an android app. I bought the subscription to prepare for one day competitive exams but their PDFs can only be viewed in the app but i want to download and print them. It's is frustrating to keep reading on phone... It really hurts the eyes. Anyway to download those all pdfs in my phone...
  2. llrestio

    Popular anime downloading site using Adsense

    I am using this website called from a long time for downloading animes in 1080p quality called kayoanime and whoever created this website is using only adsense ad no popup no spammy ads. I am wondering how tf this guy isn't banned from google adsense. This website is similar to another website...
  3. Starblazer

    How much does it cost to create an OTT platform for piracy movies?

    How much do you think costs for a OTT platform for free movies considering the file storage, app development, customer service etc.? I'm just curious. I know it costs a lot to create and promote regular OTT platforms. As there are a ton of these platforms, the users are looking for a single...
  4. E

    Which ad-network is the best for anime streaming site with 10-15K unique daily visitors?

    Title says it all, I am currently with propellerads and have earned $150 in 1 week, but my cpm dropped drastically as I enter the 2nd week. I am quite afraid that my balance will be locked up since I've seen people saying to stay away from propellerads and asterra in particular. Which ad...
  5. S

    Hi friends (and enemies)!

    Came across this site recently after researching some of my more *morally ambiguous* ideas. Saw some cool stuff and it seems like a cool community. I’m a newer web developer/ programmer who pirates everything they watch, so naturally I’d like to put up some websites of my own eventually with...
  6. Fam

    downloading videos from apps

    So i got success by reading the threads on BHW about downloading course videos from websites by extracting the source links But how to download videos from apps? I can't screenrecord the videos because the screen recorder records a black background and can't take a screenshot as well, it says...
  7. Alex0808

    Downloading a course from an app

    So this is the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studyiq.android Is there anyway to download the videos from this app?
  8. Starblazer

    What are some less known movie streaming or download websites?

    I need the list of such sites for an article. I'm looking for active websites with <1000 worldwide search volume. Please mention sites with more volume too if they are not popular. They should be streaming or giving download links to movies, TV shows or web series.
  9. C

    What service should I use to show adds in my piracy related app?

    Hello there! My first post here :) I thinking about making an app that shows torrents and alows you to download them. As far as i know using admob/adsense will result in google account ban.. So what other service I can use to monetize that app? Thank you!
  10. Alex0808

    Where to upload my videos?

    I have downloaded my maths course, where to upload it? 15Gb space only on Google drive. I need around 100Gb space
  11. Alex0808

    How to ‛download’ the videos of a course

    how people manage to do that Like I don't know anything apart from using a screen recorder to record the videos. Sometimes even screen recorder doesn't work on some course websites/apps. Is there anyway to download the course videos rather than using a screen recorder or when screen record...
  12. zig-zag

    awesome piracy

    Found this great repo on github with a ton of great links for piracy amongst other things. 7.8k stars https://github.com/Igglybuff/awesome-piracy Enjoy
  13. M

    Cloudflare DCMA

    Does cloudflare protects sites with copyright strikes? I have seen many websites using copyrighted content they are not taken down due to copyright strikes. One of the biggest example is x1337x.ws. How they are able to run their website despite having copyrighted content. If I also install...
  14. T

    Looking for a dedicated 100% DMCA Ignored server

    Can anyone please recommend a dedicated 100% DMCA ignored server for a wordpress website that posts piracy stuff, uses a lot of storage and needs fast download speeds?
  15. phantasma

    The EU Suppressed a 300 Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales

    The report found that illegal downloads and streams can actually boost legal sales of games, according to the report. The only negative link the report found was with major blockbuster films:“The results show a displacement rate of 40 percent which means that for every ten recent top films...
  16. DulalKisku

    DRM encryption/ Copy protection [HELP]

    How will I protect my videos from being stolen? I want user to download my videos from my site, but they won't be able share these, Possible?
  17. B

    Is it possible to steal website design?

    Hey, is it possible to go on a website like Facebook for instance and completely duplicate it? I'm not talking about Facebook specifically though, it's something much simpler. How much would something like this cost if I got someone to do it?
  18. The Almighty

    Major ‘Pirate’ Movie Streaming Site Fmovies.to Sued in US Court

    For people who are thinking about getting into movie streaming niche - www.torrentfreak.com/major-pirate-movie-streaming-site-fmovies-sued-in-us-court-161026/
  19. discopolis

    Looking for a partner to create a piracy website

    I need someone to make a basic piracy site for me. I'm waiting especially skilled in piracy issue. He/she can work like a very very basic developer or consultant for all of technical details that i dont know anything about:)
  20. A

    How does companies deal with piracy?

    Hi kind users of bhf, i was wondering how do free movies uploaders avoid trouble with the gov or the creators of that movie? thanks
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