1. Bloodseeker

    Is phpBB is still a good forum solution in 2021?

    Follow up to my previous post: I mean, is it still getting updated regularly? Does it have anything new these days? I tried it in 2016, and it's been 5 years. So would you recommend it...
  2. MiLe31

    Should I create a forum... and how?

    BHW family, I am not sure where this topic belongs so I'm putting it here. I run a few small online businesses in fields I've been working in for YEARS. They are doing okay, paying the bills, but I want to gather a bigger audience. I already run Facebook groups for these niches, but I want...
  3. X-Fact

    phpBB Forum - Profile HTML Links?

    Hi, i found a phpBB Forum where i would like to insert in the profile a html link as well in the profile description. I already tried it with <a href="">Text</a> , and Text but its not working. Does anybody know how to inser there a clickable html link...
  4. P

    Need deep data from PHPbb forum -

    Extremely generous freelance bounty paid to successfully extract email addresses from very niche, small PHPbb online forum.
  5. P

    Need deep data from PHPbb forum -

    Extremely generous freelance bounty paid to successfully extract email addresses from very niche, small PHPbb online forum.
  6. T

    How to create Forum

    Hey i want to create forum on Education niche, but unable to find easy platform. I heard about phpbb is it good for making simple attractive forum. Experts plz share your experience.
  7. A

    Please help me

    Hello Guys, I am looking for phpbb forums (Forums created in 2014) list. Please some one let me know how to find good list or if anyone has list then please share with me. I will be very thankful to you. :o With Regards,
  8. T

    phpBB issues

    I am trying to setup a forum using phpBB and I have been trying to add categories in the admin section and for some reason it doesnt not appear on the site. I would like for someone who has used phpBB to help me...
  9. B

    Need quick code fix on my PHPBB website

    Found my guy....disregard post.
  10. CaptainKing

    Is phpbb a good software to build my forum? It's Free

    I don't have the funds to buy something nice like vbulletin like blackhatworld uses. BUT I want to make a forum site as nice as this site. :rolleyes: I need a software that is easy to use and can easily manage my users. Have you had any experience with phpbb? Can this software create nice...
  11. rusemag99

    forum designer

    looking for someone how's an expert at phpbb. i have it installed- just need logo popped in, and all the categories/threads setup/configured... change some links... setup basic configuration for usage.. hook me up! paying $25 by paypal. pm me with any example forums that you currently operate...
  12. lassomontana

    In my phpBB Forum: How to create massive accounts?

    Hi everybody, i'm just install a new forum and I would like to create massive registration because, I have a lot of informations to put inside this forum. It take so much time to manually create fake user to put topics. Do you have solutions to improve my productivity, a free free solution as...
  13. aiteampl

    VenomSEO - how to ... guide help request

    Hi Guys, i am using scrapebox and few other tools, but recently I've got myself VenomSEO and it looks amazing and works even better with pre defined database of forum engines. But i have failed to create / update / post on phpBB forums - and i thing phpBB forums are the power... I have...
  14. D

    Want to monetize forum, only 0.04% CTR!

    Hi! I am the owner of a forum with about 1500 members, several hundred of which are regularly posting. The site is two years old, and gets much higher traffic during weekends, as it seems to attract mostly teenage males who are out of school. Traffic varies by day, but we usually get 300-400...
  15. D

    Want to monetize forum, only 0.04% CTR!

    EDIT: Woops, browser messed up and double posted. Delete please, sorry for double threads!
  16. N

    phpBB with curl

    I need someone who can show me how to make a reply to a thread in the forum from the command line using curl. I have tried but it doesn't work.
  17. U

    [FREE] phpBB list sample - includes PR4+ forums

    Hi all, I acquired a small list of phpBB forums that could be used to create forum profiles. I have no use for the list, but I thought somebody could benefit from it as many of the links are PR4+. If it is useful to you, then please let me know. You do not have to "thank" me, but if there is...
  18. sfidirectory

    A list of 5000 phpBB forums - Go Wild :)

    Hi all, Have a list of phpBB forums I have harvested and thought I would pass them onto you all :). Only thing is that I can't find something that will clean all the urls eg distinguish and as duplicate urls, as about 10% of the forums in the list are like...
  19. sfidirectory

    Footprint for finding phpBB forums

    Hi everyone, Have downloaded the automatic phpBB forum profile creator from and am wondering what are some good footprints for finding phpBB forums in...
  20. sfidirectory

    need to know the best free phpBB plugins

    Hi everyone, I'm starting up a forum using phpBB and am needing to know the most essential (and free) plugins you can get for a phpBB powered forum. My forum is going to be about web design/development, and seo (and everything else to do with them). Once I have got the basics going I'll post it...
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