1. NightSquirrel

    Instagram dead for a photographer - after update?

    Hi folks! :) I saw yesterday that Instagram said that the platform is not an "photo-sharing" app anymore. And yes, they maybe are right and that's the way to go, and they will start focusing on video instead of pictures. And that's bad not only for me as a photographer. My plan was to get...
  2. NightSquirrel

    Hi BH! New here, how can I...?

    Hi Folks! Hope everyone is fine and having a good day! :) I am new here, any suggestions on how I can get the most out of BH? About myself: - Male 27 years old from Sweden. - I want to learn as much as possible about things that can help me down the road. - I love photography and want to...
  3. Melix

    Hi guys

    Hi am Melix and am new to the forum, was recommended by a friend, was told it’s a great community so looking forward to helping out how i can and get help like wise
  4. Geekfo

    Hi everyone, happy to be a new visual member (I'm the most ignorant newbie here in SEO)

    Hi Everyone, I'm Geekfo and here to learn everything about seo and white/black HAt. I'm an excellent video / Photo grapher but I'm a donkey in SEO If you need any advice about image and instagram quality content (how to outstand from the crowd, let me know) i will do it for free. I just need...
  5. johndee_ig

    [WTH] Photographer based in Phuket for collab with my IG girls

    Looking for experienced photographer with female models for taking mostly bikini/sexy semi nude shots outside in nature what we can use for Instagram profiles, and of course have fun. I bring my girls and money, you should have skill with camera. Then we can collaborate for long-term. Send me...
  6. E

    New here! Photographer and small Instagram agency

    Hi everyone! So happy to be here, you guys are incredible. I'm a photographer who also offers Instagram marketing and growth services to small and medium sized businesses. I'm looking forward to participating and getting to know you. Cheers! S.
  7. R

    'Hello' Ryan from USA

    Hello Everyone, I'm Ryan Chapman from USA. I'm a photographer and Digital Marketer. Want to learn more about Digital marketing.
  8. franklinn009

    I'm Looking for Photographers

    Hello everyone, I need Photographer who can capture very good. Interested PM me Thanks
  9. sunyatsen

    Hello from Australia !!!

    Hello... Hola... Bonjour... Ciao... Namaste... Salaam... Ann Young... Ni Hao... Apa kabar... Hello everyone... i am from Australia, had found this page about a week ago when searching on how to setup my instagram with VPS... Glad I found this forum... i am sure i can learn a lotsss.. I am an...
  10. Speppo

    WordPress theme for a Portfolio

    Hi guys, what's the best WordPress theme for a Photographer Portfolio according to your experience? My friend needs it for business (primarily weddings) so it must be very good looking Thx :)
  11. R

    Hi! I'm Ririh

    Hi guy! While searching for instragram information, I found this forum. I like it, it has a lot of info. I'm Rita. I like internet and I would like to create a business with my passions: school, photograpy and food. But I still have to grow. I hope this forum gives me some help
  12. iAhmed

    First Thread ? Yeah Let me Introduce myself..

    Hello, My name is Ahmed I joined BHW since few months & I enjoyed reading threads her as well as I had a good experience in some fields like Facebook, Adsense, CPA and of course SEO I really red a lot of threads her and aiming to be a Jr. VIP member. My full name is Ahmed Hatem Said, I'm...
  13. I

    Is photography niche so difficult?

    Hello. I am reading this forum for months and it's just very helpful! Great job. I registered to receive and to give help (if I can). I am a proffesional photographer and I have an instagram profile since a year. The last 2 months I am trying to make it bigger to advertise my work. I had 700...
  14. J

    Return of Johny Rebel

    Welcome to my love and respect for all members of BHW! I'm Johnny Rebel, adult producer and photographer. I was doing 20 years since adult content. After a long break I started again with a time of activities in the adult industry. I live in Scotland. More about me on International Adult...
  15. N

    Graphic designer in Lebanon

    njoycreations is a creative company in Lebanon formed by a freelancer specialized in graphic design, art direction, photography & website design.
  16. S

    Hi from Artist, Photographer & Writer

    Surinder Singh, New Delhi, India. ~ Advertising, Fashion & Travel Photographer ~ Fine Artist, Poet & Creative-n-Content Writer ~ Graphics, Website Designer & Developer + SEO SinghStyleStudio
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