personal blog

  1. berhas

    Heey! I decided to create personal blog..

    Today I decided to start my own blog. I will write articles on different topics. How can I advertise myself?
  2. alexxforrd

    About Me & My Goals For 2018

    I joined BHW in Feb 2017 and I just realized I haven't properly introduced my self. I am from India when I found this forum I thought I can make 1000$ in a month easily with no or little word and was asking people how to make money quickly and also I tried out some methods to earn money online...
  3. ch8878

    Any Personal Bloggers?

    I see allot of people who use their name seem to be doing SEO or IM type blogs. So I was wondering if anyone here is having success just blogging about the things they do throughout the day. I type "personal blog" into google and really don't see much. However, I see a blogspot that has a PR5...
  4. J

    Personal blog about anything and everything?

    Scenario About a month ago I started a personal blog named SimplyJordan, which can be viewed after clicking my profile homepage button. My blog isn't about one specific niche. I understand this isn't the best route too take, but I plan on putting all my time in this blog and writing unique...
  5. R

    .name of .com for personalized blogs

    What could be the best to choose for personalized blog ??? JOHNCENA.COM or johncena.NAME ?? .NAME EXample site - There is plenty of .com sits . Which is the best extension . . it is not about peomoting business ..
  6. Patrat

    Need Wordpress Personal & Business Branding for FREE? *READ THIS*

    Hi, are you having trouble getting accepted into CPA and affiliate networks? Do you want an online identity? Or do you just want that 'Pro' online look? If like me, I am trying to revamp my online identity and online branding and also updating my business site to look more professional and give...
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