1. mainceaft

    Looks like G ignoring new contents/domains completely now

    a week ago I post threads how bad G search result becomes , and today while I'm reviewing one of my dead (domain) by searching exact page title , G result didn't list my site on all (40 results) only once I click show ignored results my site showup on the page 3 . I don't know on SEO term what's...
  2. R

    How can I get penalized from google?

    I write blog post and keyword density is high but not as much I build forums,web 2.0,profile links to web pages as backlinks Is there any chances of getting penalty from google.
  3. Zatoichi

    Did Instagram just disabled scraping more than one screen length of followers ?

    Or did I push it too far and got some kind of limitation on my accounts? Regards, Zatoichi
  4. natalia_geek

    2 similar ecommerce websites, 1 owner - good or bad for SEO ?

    Hi guys. Have a situation here, which is new for me. My potential client has two ecommerce websites (1 old, 1 new), which for now sell THE SAME products. In future it's planned to add different categories to each website, but they will sell products from the same niche anyway. So the questions...
  5. rokot

    How to check expired domain for Google penalties?

    Hi mates! I have a new domain, and I want to know, how i could check it for penalties in Google.
  6. GangsterWilly


    Wassup IM ers! Not sure if this is right place for this thread , please move it if its in wrong section.... The situation: I have a 1 years old website about clash of clans that gives gems for free and asks user to fill in surveys... The thing is my website sents emails to users that fills in...
  7. A

    Penguin and moving to a new domain

    Hi, I have a domain that got penalized by Penguin 2.1 I guess I am already late for the next update, so I will have to wait an extra update or refresh in order to "maybe" get my rankings back. I can't wait that long, so I am thinking about to start from 0 with a new domain, and use a js...
  8. S

    Are 301/302 redirects passing juice/penalties more quickly?

    Hi, I have a theory that since recent updates, penalties and therefore I imagine link juice, is passing more quickly through redirects now, in line with the increased speed of other processes by google that used to take ages but now are very quick. And also they may have done it as part of the...
  9. PartyNeon

    Not EVERY Penalty is because of Penguin! Let me try to clear up some things...

    Just about every single post is about Penguin. Everyone seems to want to talk about recovering from Penguin, getting hit by it... But what people are forgetting is that other penalties still exist! You got hit with penguin if: You did not have anchor text diversity You built links entirely...
  10. Ramsweb

    Is this some kind of penalty?

    Guys I had a site that dropped from 8 to 70 a few days ago after I made some on page changes. Nothing dramatic - Just shortened the title and layout of the page. There were no changes made to outgoing links etc. Anyways, since then, I have published about 14 ezine articles, have got two...
  11. R

    Are the bookmarking tools/softwares really efficient...

    Hi everyone ! I have an important question : are the Bookmarking softwares/tools really efficient ?! (BMDemon, SocialMarker, etc) I mean, don't they send duplicate contents even if they can randomize/rotate them ? Let's say you want to send 50 BM and that the software can only...
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